Monday, March 17, 2014


Ohmygoodness gracious! I just love it here SO much!!!!! Thank you to everyone that has been writing me! I wish I could respond to each of y'all, but I don't have any time! But please know that I'm SO thankful for the emails and letters! They just brighten my day so much!!!

So this week was SO crazy! I flew in Tuesday morning, met President Hobbs and Sister Hobbs, they're seriously some of the sweetest people ever! I just love them SO much!!! That night we a few of us sisters slept over at their place! And ohmygoodness, it was beautiful! I was so scared to touch anything because of how pretty it was! Haha, but it was great!
The next morning we had some training, and I met my new companion! Her name is Sister Taylor! She's from AULSTRAILIA!!!!! We get along SO great! Hahaha, maybe too great at times.. We're having issues going to bed on time because we end up talking when we're supposed to be planning.. BUT we made it a goal to go to bed on time this week!

So before Sister Taylor and I left to go to our apartments, President Hobbs wanted to interview me again, and guess what he told me.
I'M THE DRIVER FOR OUR CAR! These California drivers are SCARY!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I've almost gotten in a car accident everyday. Thank goodness The Lord protects his missionaries though!!

Anyways, Saturday we had mission conference, so all the missionaries serving in Rancho Cucamonga, and the missionaries serving in Redlands all came to our stake center and we got to hear from elder Neil L. Anderson!!! How cool is that? First week here and I'm already hearing from an Apostle!!!! He spoke a ton of how we need to have Christ image in our image. It was SO powerful having him there!
He also told us that when assigning mission calls, that they save the best for the USA! So that made me feel pretty great! ;)
He told us how if the church were to fail in the USA, that it would be extremely hard for it to stay together all over the world... So the best stay in the states! So that made me feel good! :D

I'm trying to remember everything else! There has been so much happening that I'm having issues remembering everything.

I'm in Ontario though! It's pretty legit! The weather here is GORGEOUS!!!!!! It's still kinda dry and hot.. But it's perfect like legit. EVERY DAY!
My ward is SUPER nice!!! They feed us every night! Thank goodness! But I'm gaining weight like crazy! So you should write me tons of pinterest workouts! Or any workouts! I would greatly appreciate it!

We have a car!! We're one of the few that do! Almost everyone here is on a bike, there are some sisters in our district on bikes.. One of those sisters was on crutches this week because of an infection in her foot.. And she still had to bike everywhere... I felt super bad about that D: But we don't control the car situation :P
But we've been giving everyone rides! So blessings for us! ;)

So funny story! The first day driving here, I totally got cussed out.. I kinda cut someone off without meaning to, and the guy gave me the finger and gave me a few choice words.. Haha, but I'm learning the ways of California! So when I get back home I'll be able to be a WONDERFUL driver! ;) Hahaha but fo real. People are scary out here!

I love being a missionary SO much! Like everything about it! I love talking to everyone, and I love being able to see Gods hand in everything around our day!
He places so many people for us to talk to! Right now we're teaching a few people, I'm still trying to get everyones names straight.. But everyone here is super solid!
I love being able to feel the spirit everywhere I go! And when I'm stuck, feeling my words being guided!
I'm still a bit scared to open my mouth and talk, but it's just something for me to work on! What would the world be like if we were perfect? We wouldn't need to be here!!! I love learning and growing!!! It's so wonderful!!!!

I'm not sure how much time I have left, but just know that I know that this is the restored church of Jesus Christ! I know that it is true, if I didn't know that, I wouldn't be on a mission!

I love each of y'all SO much!! I'm so thankful for each of y'all!!! I'm so blessed to have y'all in my life!!!

Keep on praying for me! I'm praying for each of y'all back home!!!
I love y'all!!!!!


PS: Funny story of the week!! Sister Taylor and I were teaching Gospel essentials yesterday, so as we were teaching, I said "y'all" and everyone just looked at me in confusion! Everyone knows me here as the southern sister! Hahaha, it's great! I just laugh because I'm not that southern!! I just love it!!!

LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!<3 Have a great week!!!!


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