Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17,2015

Goodness gracious, this week went by way too fast!! And again, I don't have any time to email, so it may be a little bit short again... But who knows, I type a lot..
But, a lot of y'all asked how the hike went last week with Maddie and Gabby! And let me just say, it was awesome! I'm super out of shape, but it was way fun. There were about 6 of us, and once we got to the top of the mountain we took pictures and then read from the Book of Mormon. 
   There is something special about nature, and something special about being at the top of a mountain. And being able to read from the scriptures in both? Pretty great! I just love tender mercies like that where things are just good and spiritual :) #Ilovebeingamissionary
As for this week, it was full of meetings! Seriously, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, we were in meetings all day, then Saturday we were on exchanges. It was crazy! But I learned a lot this week! Thank goodness for study journals though because otherwise I wouldn't be able to remember it. 
   I feel like I don't even know what to say because I learned so many things, but something that really stood out to me was in our Tuesday meeting. I learned about faith and fear, and fear is a normal thing, everyone has it, everyone goes through it, but we have been given ways to combat that fear and turn it into faith. 
   One of the ways that was suggested was to replace those fears with happy thoughts, or thankful thoughts, because when you put those happy thoughts into you mind, there will be no room for negativity.  
    In our Wednesday meeting we actually got to drive up the hill to the desert! It was a dream come true! :) I got to see a Joshua tree one more time before I go home, I took plenty of pictures of the dirt that I've missed so much! Everyone around me was super confused as to why I was so happy to see dirt, and honestly I'm not sure, but I really love it, it was like I was home again.. Well mission home. I don't go home home for another 3 weeks! ;) But anyways! It was kinda cool, in our meeting Sister Stagg and I demonstrated a fun way of talking with someone about the Book of Mormon, it was in front of all the missionaries serving in Rancho, and Victorville, I'm pretty sure I could talk in front of a ton of people now and wouldn't freak out. Its actually a lot of fun. 
   But I learned at the meeting more about finding the prepared, and if I'm going to invite others to come unto Christ, I have to come unto Christ in the process. 
Which leads me to my next part of my email!! 
    I am so thankful for Christ, I'm thankful for his patience, and for his love. I'm thankful to have him as my friend. I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father and I know that he loves me, and so many others. I know that he knows whats best for me and for so many others. 
    One of the biggest things I've been able to learn on my mission is just being able to build a strong relationship with Christ, obviously it can still be strengthened, and grow, but as for right now, I know that my testimony of Christ has been strengthened in so many ways! I know that he lives. I think I've said that in everyone of my emails for the past 17, almost 18 months, and why do I say that? Because I know its true! I know that it is, and I know that as I share that, my testimony of it will be even more strengthened. Which is something I strive for everyday. Even when I'm not perfect, I know that I can become better, and that's because of Jesus Christ, and because he lives.

For the funny moment of the week it was basically just kinda a crazy/creepy/weird/awkward/I don't know what to say kinda experience, but I figured it was funny enough I would write about it! So, once upon a time, we were leaving an appointment with a less active, and we were walking to our car and the house we were at is inside a gated community, and is super fancy, and next to the sidewalk are some bushes... Well, as we were walking to our car that was parked in front of the house I see this 20 something year old guy just laying in the bushes with his eyes WIDE open. I legit thought it was a dead body for a second, then I saw his eyes move. They kept going back between me and Sister Stagg, which was kinda creepy, so we got in the car and felt like we should call the family and tell them that there was a guy laying in the bushes in their front yard.. Well, as we do so, we hear some yelling in the phone and find out that it was the daughters ex-boyfriend. Later that night we get a phone call saying that this guy is on parole, and found his way here from LA, and was shooting heroin in their front yard. Needless to say, this guy is now in jail. 
   You meet the craziest people on  your mission! :)
Anyways, life is great! I'm thankful for all the miracles that are around me everyday. I know that they are everywhere, there have been so many times this week that I just felt the love of my Heavenly Father. Going home isn't the most fun thing to do when you love something so much. But I still have three weeks! So its gonna be good!! :)
Love y'all!!! Thanks for being the best people ever! I hope y'all have a great week!
Sister Bond

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10,2015

Hey there everyone! I don't have any time today, but goodness gracious this week was crazy!! But we do have a super cool miracle!!! 
   So you know Maddie? Our investigator that's getting baptized on the 22nd? Well, she has a best friend named Gabby that has been coming to church for years but has never gotten baptized. Well.. Maddie being the awesome person that she is invited Gabby to be baptized, and Gabby said she would pray about it.. Well, next thing we know, we get a text from Maddie saying that we hit the missionary jack pot and that they will BOTH be getting baptized on August 22nd!!!!!!! MIRACLE!!!!!!!! How often does it happen that your INVESTIGATOR invites their friend to be baptized? Let alone they say YES!?!? It was just a testimony builder to me that this is The Lords work, and that as we have faith in him, and trust in him, miracles will come, and that things will always work out.
As for the rest of the week, not a whole lot happened, we went on some exchanges, both times were crazy days. But I learned from one sister that you can be thankful no matter what circumstance you're in, and the second sister how important it is to trust in the spirit as you go about your day.
We also had MLC (missionary leadership council) this week! It was my last one, so they had me stand up and share my testimony, as I shared my testimony I didn't cry.. But as soon as I sat down the tears began to fall.. Rapidly. It looked like a waterfall, but I guess it was a good thing because California is in a drought and they need more water. 
   Anyways! MLC was all about finding, and talking with people. I learned that I'm put into an area for a reason, and I'm here to talk to everyone here about the gospel, because if I don't do it, what missionary will? 
   I'm so thankful to be a missionary, and to be out here to teach something I hold so dear to my heart. I know that this is the Lords work, and that we are not alone in assisting him in this great work. 
    I know that Heavenly Father is aware of each of us, that no matter how dark times may seem, no matter what kinda drought we may seem to be in, I know that light will come. I know that we wont have to be in a drought, because our spirits can be full of the living water. 
    I know that The Lord can use us as instruments in his hands, I learned that with Maddie and Gabby this week. We literally didn't do anything but act with faith, and next thing we know, our investigator is inviting her friend to be baptized! There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon that words this so perfectly it says "Yea, know that am nothingas to my strength am weak; therefore will notboast of myself, but will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all thingsyea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever."   And I know that this is true. That as we trust in God, trust in his strength we can do all things.
As for the funny moment of the week, we were at our ward mission leaders house, and we were talking about how I'm planning on going to BYU-I in a year, and he looked at me and goes "Oh? BYU-I? That's where the field is white already to harvest.. And I'm not talking about potatoes if you know what I mean!" I was dying. I love funny moments like that.
Anyways, sorry this letters kinda short. But hopefully next week I'll have more time! Today we're going on a hike with Maddie and Gabby and are going to have a lesson on top of a Mountain. #we'recool #I'mexcited #madgabbaptism
Love y'all!!! Have a great week!!!!
Sister Bond

Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 3, 2015

Well y'all, this week was simply crazy, and flew right by! Why must time go by so fast? But, things are going good! Its great being with Sister Stagg again, and being able to go out and work so hard! I love missionary work, its the greatest! As for this week, we were able to meet a lot of people, and start teaching a lot more people, a lot of the people we're working with aren't active in church, but being able to see people progress and grow in their faith in Christ is simply beautiful.
Tuesday we had a miracle though! So you know our investigator Maddie? The one that wants to finish reading the Book of Mormon before she gets baptized? Well, she set a date for baptism!!!! Shes going to get baptized on August 22nd!! Which means I'll still be here to see it happen!! MIRACLE!!! Shes making tons of progress in the Book of Mormon, so I know that she can make it! When we were setting a date with her, she got out her planner and wrote down in blue pen her "mormon drowning" haha! I just love her! But really, Heavenly Father blesses us so stinking much! I just love him.
Thursday was crazy busy! We met so many people that day! But it was cool, there is a family in the area that's not super active, and haven't really showed much interest in having missionaries over before, and we met with them, and then ran into them later in the week and the mom told us that her daughter wants us to come over for dinner!!! Miracle! I think yes!!
Friday was also a little bit crazy, mostly just because we were biking and had a lot of appointments that we needed to get to. That night we had a lesson with Marleen, who is one of those people that I just love! She just loves everyone and wants everyone to feel loved. In our lesson we planned on teaching her one thing, but as soon as we got to her apartment we knew that we couldn't teach her the lesson that we planned. In stead we were led by the spirit to something totally different! But it was one that we all walked away feeling Gods love for us. We mostly just taught about how God is real, and how he hears our prayers, and how much he loves us. But it was a good experience because my entire mission I had a goal to be able to know my scriptures, and to know where to turn to if someone expresses some sort of concern, and I know I'm not perfect at it, but the spirit was guiding me to all sorts of scriptures! I know I can still improve, and I can still work at it, but it was one of those tender mercies when Heavenly Father allows us to see a little bit of progress in ourselves.
Really, this week was so crazy, and I don't even know what to say! I have my planner, but writing about missionary work just doesn't do it justice. I'm so thankful for the miracles that I see everyday, and for the joy that I feel as I do the Lords work. I know I'm not perfect, in fact I know that I'm FAR from it, but there is nothing greater than seeing Heavenly Father taking your imperfections, and turning them into something he can work with. Its like play dough in a way, by itself it looks like a blob of whatever you want to call it, but as you let the sculpture mold, and form whatever he wants to make, it turns into a beautiful sculpture. It may take time, it may take bits and peaces off of you to mold it into something better, but it always turns out to be something beautiful. 
   Yes, I did just compare myself to play dough, but I know that as we trust in God, and trust in what hes doing, he will be able to mold us and form us into the perfect people that we can become. I know that we can be instruments in Gods hands, and that as we do so we can come closer to him, and we can feel joy! 
   This morning I was studying Joy, and I learned a few things, so I've always seen joy as something eternal, opposed to happiness where I see that as being momentarily,  but today I learned that the things that bring us joy, are eternal principals, the things that bring me joy in this life are things like the gospel of Jesus Christ, my family, education, things like that, and they never have to end, because joy never ends. We will always have Christ, we can have our family for eternity, and we can always continue to learn and grow.  
   I may be rambling, and I'm not sure if I make much sense. But if you take anything away from this long message, I want you to know that Jesus Christ brings me joy. Sharing the gospel brings me joy, and knowing who I am brings me joy. I know that Christ lives, and I know that he loves us and that he is constantly reaching out his hand to help us through our fears and shortcomings. I love Christ and I know he is my friend.
As for the funny moment of the week, we were at church yesterday, and we were in testimony meeting (like it sounds, where members of the congregation get to stand at the podium and bear testimony of Christ) and the meeting went way over, and we're sitting there waiting for the last person on the stand to walk up and share her testimony when the guy that was conducting the meeting stands up to close it, he didn't realize that there was one more person.. So he stands up and starts talking, when all the sudden the girl we were sitting with jumps up and yells "WAIT! What about Natalie!!!!!" In the middle of the chapel. So he sits down and Natalie shared a really good testimony. Maybe it was a you had to be there moment, but goodness gracious, I was laughing super hard.
Well y'all, I love you!!! Thanks for all you do for me, and for all the love and support y'all send me! 
Y'all are the best!!
Sister Bond

July 27, 2015

Well y'all, this week is full of exciting news! I don't even know where to start, so I'll start with the transfer news! Sister Vainuku went home, she finished her 18 months and is now enjoying time with her family! I stayed in the area, but my new companion isn't so new! Its Sister Stagg again!! We were companions 6 months ago, and is one of my best friends from the mission, so needless to say, I'm pretty excited to be her companion again! :D 
    With stayin in the area, we still cover the young single adult ward, and a family ward, but they took the elders out of one of the wards, so now we cover one ward by ourselves, and the other one with elders, so its going to be interesting to see how things play out this transfer, but I can tell you already, that this is going to be super crazy!! But, its my last one, so its expected. 
  But really, I'm so excited to be with Sister Stagg again!
For some service this week we were able to help out with the special Olympics!! They're hosting it in LA, but they were doing some small field games at one of the local church buildings. So we were able to take the groups from station to station and help them them and guide them to where they needed to be, so Sister Vainuku and I were in charge of a group from Africa, and it was so much fun! They were so positive, and so cheerful! It was the best. It was also fun, they were playing music, and they played the cupid shuffle, and we were able to teach the group we were helping how to do it. It was the first time I've actually danced or called out a dance since I've been on my mission, which was kinda weird, but really fun.  Anyways, it was some of the best service I've done on my mission, it was also nice because there were a lot of people there from my first area, so I was able to say hello to some of my favorite people! It was a great day.
We're still teaching Maddie! Shes moving along in the Book of Mormon, she said she wants to finish it before school starts back up again, which means that she would finish before I go home if she finishes. So I have faith that all will work out! You wanna hear a funny story about her though? So this describes her personality, and she gave me permission to tell you this! So she has a moss ball- yes, a ball of moss.. And she keeps it as a pet and has named it Thomas S. Moss-son! Shes not even baptized and shes naming things after the prophet. It made me laugh super hard when she told me that.  I just love her.
We also had a lesson at coldstone this week! So I had colstone for the first time in 17 months! It was a beautiful day. The lesson was also really good, it was with a less active in the YSA ward, we taught it outside with our ice cream, which I love outdoor lessons, they're my favorite, something about being outside just brings the spirit.
Really that's most of the week, so we're working super hard. I'm excited for this next transfer. 
    With there only being 6 weeks left of my mission, I want y'all to know how much I love missionary work, and how thankful I am to be a missionary. I know that this is the Lords work, and that as we have faith in him, and trust in him, we will be enabled and will be able to grow. 
I've adopted a scripture for my last transfer from the Book of Mormon which basically says "Ye must press forward with a steadfast faith in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men" and the reason why I've adopted that scripture is because I know that with Christ miracles are possible, I know that having faith and hope in him brings brightness into our lives. I know that we must press forward with Christ, when we take steps to follow Christ they may be hard, they may be challenging, but as we press forward, even when, and especially when its hard, we will have brightness in our life. 
    I know that Christ is with us always, and I know that he loves us. I know that this is the work of the Lord, and nothing will stop this work from moving forth.
As for the funny moment of the week, I don't remember the really funny things, so how about I just tell you an awkward experience? So we were teaching people how to dance at the special Olympics right? Well, next thing I know, they're playing a Hawaiian type song, and a guy just put my hand in the guy next to his and asked me to dance with him. So, I ended up dancing with him because I would've felt rude if I said no.. Maybe it was bad, I'm  not sure, we were pretty far apart but it was still super duper awkward. I'm going to be super awkward when I get home. I hope y'all know that!
And on that awkward note, I love y'all!!! Thank you for all the love and support y'all send me. Have a great week!
Sister Bond

July 20, 2015

Hey there everyone!!! Another week has come and gone, things are pretty much the same, always crazy busy, but this week it did end up raining! Which was very refreshing, its also pretty funny watching Californians drive in the rain. But enough of that! This week includes:
Exchanges, one of the sisters is from New Caledonia, I'm not sure of exactly how to spell it, but its and Island just about Australia, and they speak french! Really shes just super awesome and we had a great day of biking all over Rancho! The other exchange was with one of the Spanish sisters, but we stayed in our area, apparently she knows one of the sisters that served back home, so it was one of those small world moments. It was also a fun day of going out and doing missionary work! :) Really, missions are just the best, I'm super thankful for mine and all that it continues to teach me everyday. 
We were able to teach Maddie some more this week! It was also her birthday, so we heart attacked her door, and I must say, it looked great, all sorts of neon colored paper all over someones door always wishes people a happy birthday! ;) She is still progressing really well, she is the one who wants to finish the Book of Mormon before she gets baptized, and shes getting close to being halfway there, so its really exciting being able to see her excited about the gospel.
We weren't able to see Tia or Samilya,  they're the ones that are moving to Georgia.. They were busy this week, but said that they'll hopefully meet with us this week. My fingers are crossed and I'm hoping all works out!! I have faith that it will!!
It was also our last week of having Sister Crandall with us, she was our two week missionary, we dropped her off yesterday and I miss her already! She was just a joy to have around. I'm gonna miss her!
Really the rest of the week was pretty usual, lots of appointments, tracting, crazy drivers, almost getting hit by a car while biking- don't worry, I was perfectly safe. And simply seeing Heavenly Father placing people in our path to talk to, and people being willing to learn more! When we were tracting we found two young single adult age people that said we could go back and see them, and one guy that would go to the family ward, all within the same day, so it was just a day full of tender mercies. I'm thankful for my Heavenly Fathers hand in all things.
Y'all, I want to testify to each of you that I know that my Heavenly Father lives and that he knows us personally, he knows what we feel, he knows what we need. Without going into detail, I had an experience this week where I felt my Heavenly Fathers love so strongly, that there is no doubt in my mind that he knows me, and knows how to help his children. 
   I came across this scripture in my studies this week,  its John 12:35-36 and it says: 
Then Jesus said unto them, Yet little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the lightlest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth.  
While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them.   Christ gives us light, and lights up our world, and life, and as we walk in his light, we will have a clear direction of where we want to go, like it says in that scripture that when we walk in darkness we don't know where we're going, and if we don't know where we're going, it doesn't matter how to get there. But as we walk in the light of Christ, we will have peace, comfort, solace, and more blessings then we can comprehend. As we stay near Christ, and reach out for his help, we will be able to grab his hand, and we will be able to withstand the power of the darkness.  I know that Christ is with us, helping us stand, and as we stand in his light, we will walk in the light of his love and we will receive strength and power.
Well y'all, as for the funny moment of the week was right before we came to email, so once upon a time we were at target buying our groceries and this man that was very high came up to talk to us, which you know, being missionaries we talk with everyone!So next thing I know hes hugging my companion and simply walks away.  I never know what to do when men just hug us, thankfully he didn't hug me, but its always an awkward situation. Haha!
Well y'all!!! I love y'all, thanks for all the support and everything y'all do for me. I'm thankful for your example and for all the emails.
Love y'all!!!Love,  Sister Bond

July 13, 2015

Goodness gracious this week was crazy! Three exchanges, one two weeker, and just the regular day to day life of being a missionary. Things are super busy. 
   I'm pretty sure this week was just one long day with a few naps when the sun went down. 
But I saw miracles and learned a few things this week! 
So for starters, do you remember Tia? Our investigator from Georgia? Well, we haven't been able to see her lately because she was super sick, shes not scheduled for baptism anymore, but we were able to see her and guess what! We're going to start teaching her sister as well! Her name is Samilya (Sa-mill-yuh) when we we met them, we were on exchanges, and the sister I was with is already a super hilarious sister, and Tia and Samilya are the funniest people ever, so all of the people combined made up to be one of the funniest lessons I've ever taught. Well, let me change that, before the lesson it was the funniest visit ever, then when we taught the lesson it was back to being serious, and the spirit was super strong. What I'm getting at was that it was a great miracle and I'm excited to teach them!! :)
As for the rest of the week, we had our usual appointments, nothing too out of the ordinary, I think we're getting pretty good at teaching with three people, we all get along super well so we're able to communicate pretty well. 
    Really this week was chaotic, but I don't know how to explain it without it just sounding like a normal week, or having it make sense.
So I'll just get to the spiritual part of my email!! How does that sound? 
   Yesterday in church, someone gave a talk, on doubt and faith, which made me just think about how great it is to have faith, and to have hope, and the things that give me the most hope is Jesus Christ, and knowing that I can improve and grow. And knowing that because of him everything will be made right, that we may not know everything, but we know enough, one of my favorite quotes  says "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith" by President Uchtdorf, because fear and doubt are opposite of one another,  when you have faith, your fears will be dispelled, its like putting a candle in a dark room, the light that the faith brings into our lives with conquer the darkness around us, and I know that having faith my be hard sometimes, but when we have it, miracles occur, and things happen. I know that when we have faith we can overcome the obstacles of our everyday struggles,  and I know that when we have faith in Jesus Christ, we truly can overcome our fears. I know that he knows how we feel, that he knows our fears, our weaknesses, our shortcomings, all of that, and if we but believe in him, and trust in him, we will see miracles. I don't know if this made much sense, but if you get anything out of this, I want each of y'all to know that I have faith in Jesus Christ, its not perfect, it may be simple, but I believe in him, I trust him, and I love him.
As for the funny moment of the week,  so once upon a time missionaries set goals everyday. All day everyday. And every six months we have a zone baptismal goal. Well, our last six months we had the baptismal goal of 40 baptisms. We had 12, well, we were going to set a new goal because its the start of a new six months, and so in order to set a reachable goal we all came with a number for our area in what we could do, then we were going to add up the number. 
   Well, we were all talking about how excited we were to reach a new goal, and then we had a great lesson on goals and having faith, and then we added up all the numbers and its still at 40! So the funny part was just the fact that its the exact same goal that we had for the past  six months. But I know that Heavenly Father loves us, and that when we have faith, we can see miracles happen!!!
I love y'all!!! Have a great week!!!!
~Sister Bond

July 6, 2015

Hey there everyone! Another week has flown right by. But things are still going great here in Rancho Cucuamonga! :)
We found out the other day that we're going to have a two week missionary with us, which I'll explain what that means! So the youth in the mission boundaries can go out with the missionaries for two weeks, they get to live with us, and are set apart to be missionaries for two weeks, they get to live the same standards as us, and get to be with us 24/7, is exactly the same as being a regular full time missionary. So for the next two weeks we're going to be in a trio! I'm not sure how this all is going to work seeing how we still have the same responsibilities of being an STL, and covering two areas and what not.. But I'm way excited! The sisters name is Sister Crandall, and shes actually from Hesperia! She went to church in the same building that I went to when I was there, so we know a lot of the same people. I'm excited for this experience, I know that I have to rely on the Lord for help, but that's the best kinda help we can get.
As for this week, things are pretty similar to last week, Most of our investigators were sick, but we were able to still see Maddie! And goodness gracious, every time I see her I just get so excited. Shes the best. Shes been reading from the Book of Mormon daily and is reading super fast!
We were also able to do service this week and help our ward mission leader move, it was really good to be able to serve him and his family in building a better relationship with them.
We also went on exchanges this week, I went to another area here in Rancho, and I went with a Sister that I served with in Hesperia, and goodness gracious, its amazing being able to see how much someone grows in just a couple of transfers, our day was mostly filled with knocking doors, but we were able to have some good one on one time and being able to talk with some great people.
As for the 4th, we were able to help out with a 5K! We didn't get to run it, but we were able to great people, after the 5K we were able to serve everyone at a pancake breakfast. So basically people went running, then ate all that they burned off. But, it was still great! All the missionaries in Rancho were there, so it was great seeing everyone serving people in the community.
We also had one of my favorite meetings as a missionary! Yup! MLC!! I seriously just love MLC. It was on chapter 8 of peach my gospel, so using time wisely, setting goals, and accountability. 
   And I learned that setting goals is a 24/7 thing to help us grow. And that they not only help us to stretch, but help us to have direction, which direction is key because if you don't know where you're going, you can take any way to get there. 
  When they were teaching about accountability I was thinking about agency, or the ability to choose. Which we know that agency is one of the greatest gifts Heavenly Father has given us, and its an eternal principal, and when they were teaching, I was thinking about missionaries, and how missionaries follow-up on everything, or at least we're supposed to. And I was thinking about how accountability is a way for Heavenly Father to follow-up on how we used our agency. 
   When we make choices and decisions, there is a consequence to everything we do, good or bad, there is a consequence, and each of us are going to be held accountable before God on what we did in this life.  
    But then I've been thinking a lot more about agency the past few days, and how thankful that I am that Heavenly Father created a plan, and from the beginning hes let us make our own choices. That he never forces us. But he does have a plan, in which he invites us to follow, he is always inviting us to come unto him, and to come unto Christ. And I know that the plan that he has created for us is a plan of happiness, and it brings us joy. That is one of the purposes of life, is to have joy! And as we follow Christ, I know that we can have joy.  Which, y'all know me, joy is one of my favorite things, I can't imagine my life without joy, and I can promise you that the things that have brought me the most joy in my life is knowing that My Heavenly Father lives, knowing that he loves me. Knowing that Christ lives, that he died for me, and that he lived for me, and that I can grow and become better. And knowing that because of Christ, my family can be together forever. This is the plan that Heavenly Father has given us, and the plan that I go out and share, and I know that it is a plan of joy, which is eternal happiness.
As for the funny moment of the week, it actually happened this morning. 
So on Mondays we go over to another companionship's apartment to do our laundry, so I throw all of my stuff into my laundry hamper and take it there, well, I threw in a load and went to go do my studies.. Well, I sat down and grabbed my scriptures and then I realized that I didn't have my study journal.. Yup y'all know where this is going.. I looked around and couldn't find it, and then I had the thought come to mind to check the washer! And sure enough, my study journal was sitting perfectly in the washer with the water beginning to fill it up. Thankfully it was fine and nothing happened to it, but I swear, sometimes my blond roots come in and I just throw my study journal into the washer! Haha, good times! :)
Well y'all, I love y'all!!! Thank you for all the love and support! 
Have a great week!!! 
Sister Bond