Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pictures From The Last 2-3 Months


 A lesson they taught in Relief Society
 Mike Wazowski Pear

 They taught as princesses one night.

 A big hike

September 8, 2014

Hey there everybody! Sorry I didn't get to write last week! We were supposed to be able to write this past Friday.. But the library was closed so we couldn't.. BUT I'm here now!  It legit feels like forever since I've written, but not a lot has happened.. BUT these past two weeks have been great!!!! 

We've been car sharing with the Elders (boy missionaries) lately, meaning we've been on bike! Biking in a skirt is interesting, but for some reason I LOVE it!! Legit, I want to share our car more so I can bike more! 
The only struggles I've faced with biking in a skirt are: 1. Getting on and off are a little difficult, and 2. When your skirt gets caught in the tire or chain, it's a bit of a struggle. 
But other than that, it's tons of fun!!! We get to talk to more people, I get more exercise, and we get the best looks!! 
I simply love it! 

Dawn has been doing so well!!! She's been coming to church and loving it!! AHH. It makes me so happy to see others happy! It's the greatest! She understands what we teach her very well! I don't really know what else to say about her, other than she's progressing and that I love her!!!! 

We've been working a lot with the members in the area lately, which has been tons of fun! We're getting to know the people here, which means we're building relationships! It's awesome! I LOVE being a missionary, I love meeting people, I love serving people, and I love teaching people about Jesus Christ, and the plan that our Heavenly Father has for each of us! 
Being a missionary is awesome. It's kinda sad that I only have 12 months left! D: Dun dun dunnnn!!!! 

We have also been receiving training on how do to family history! Did you know that family history is actually super duper cool? Well it is! Check out it's lots of fun and you learn lots of things about your family! Plus it's free!! SO AWESOME! 

We've been doing a lot of service lately as well! More service at the animal shelter ans squash farm, we also helped a lady cook lots of food! I got to cut the meat and everything! I'm learning so many things here, being a missionary is awesome!! 

One of the best things that happened this week was that we got to go to the temple!!!!! AHH!!!!! As missionaries, we can only go to the temple twice a year, so being able to go is such a blessing! 
A temple is a place where we can go to get closer to our Father in Heaven, it's a place of learning, and a place of peace. 
Plus a temple is GORGEOUS. It's truly a house of the Lord! I love the temple, as I was there, I was thinking about how great the plan is that our Heavenly Father has for us. 
He sent us to earth in families, he didn't send us here to be alone and to have a miserable life, he sent us here to learn, to grow, to strengthen others! Some of those others are our families. The greatest part about that, is that we can be with our families for ETERNITY! In the temple, we can be sealed for time and all eternity, that which is bound on earth, can be bound in heaven. (Mathew 18:18)
I know with such a surety that our Heavenly Father LOVES us enough to provide a way for us to be with our families for eternity. 
This is Gods work and his Glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. (Moses 1:39) 
We were sent here on earth to have joy, and having our families, and being strengthened by them is one of the best ways to have joy! 
I love my family, and I love that I can be with them for eternity! I know that God loves us, and that he gives us different family members for a reason. I know that our families don't end after death, but that we truly can be with them for eternity! How great of a plan is that? Men are that they might have JOY! 

So as for the funny moment of the week, we went to go and visit a member of our congregation, and when we got there, her granddaughter was there! And apparently she's James Bond's biggest fan! She went total fan-girl over my last name, she had to take a picture with my name tag and everything! It was pretty hilarious, because I couldn't really say anything, or deny the fact that my last name is AWESOME! Haha, it was great! 

Well everyone! I love y'all so much! I hope that y'all have a great week!! Don't forget to pray, and don't forget to smile! You never know how much a smile can make someones day! Keep being awesome! 
Peace out girl scout!!! 
Love y'all!!!!!!!!

~Sister Bond

August 25, 2014

Hey there family of mine!! How are y'all? This week was super awesome and simply crazy busy! 

First things first! 
Sister Ellis was transferred this week, so my new companion is Sister Richardson! She's from Utah, and so far she's pretty awesome! We were just put together today, so we've only known each other for a few hours, but as of right now, we get along great! Hopefully it will stay that way! She's been out for just over a year, so she has a lot to teach me! 

We weren't able to meet with Dawn this week, and she wasn't able to come to church so we have to postpone her baptismal date. We haven't set a new date yet, but we're praying that all will work out! She was really upset that Sister Ellis got transferred, but we have an appointment to meet with her tomorrow.. So hopefully all will work out!!! 

We also went on exchanges this week, so I was in Victorville for a day! That was super fun! It was actually an area that Sister Cobabe served in, so I met a couple of the people that she would tell me about! So that was super exciting! 

I ALSO MET AN APOSTLE THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! Super duper cool right? 
We had Mission Conference, so all the missionaries serving in the Rancho Cucamonga Mission met together to receive training and instruction! Pretty cool right? 
Well, at the conference, Elder Russel M. Nelson came, along with Elder Larry Kacher, which was SO cool! As soon as they entered the room, the entire atmosphere of the room changed. The Spirit was so strong! SO AWESOME!!

Elder Nelson spoke of several things! One thing that really stood out to me was that in order to make our prayers more meaningful, we need to pray!!!! We can't just expect our prayers to be meaningful if we don't put any effort into praying! 
   I KNOW that when we pray, God hears our prayers. He listens to us, and he answers us. We may not get the answer we like, but he will ALWAYS answer us. He's never too busy, he's always there, and he WANTS for us to pray to him! He wants us to talk to him, and when we pray, we truly do speak with our Heavenly Father.  GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. 

Elder Nelson also spoke about obedience. How When Peter denied Christ three times, he was being obedient to Christ. Christ told Peter that he would deny him. And he didn't. Now does that mean that Peter isn't worthy of Christ's love? NO. We're ALWAYS worthy of the Love and the grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
No matter how often we mess up, we can continually try to do better, to be better, and become the person God wants us to be. We will ALWAYS be worthy of Gods love. 

I love being a missionary and learning these things. I just thought I'd let y'all know that. 

As of a funny moment this week, it actually happened this morning when I got my new companion! As we were taking a picture, like missionaries do, everyone stopped for a second and looked at us and all pointed out that Sister Richardson and I look alike!  Everyone commented at the same time and it was simply funny that everyone pointed that out! 
SO apparently I look like my new companion? I think it's because we're both super white.... Haha!

Anyways, I sure do love all y'all!!! I can't believe I've been out on a mission for SIX MONTHS! CRAZY!!!! In one year, I'll be home! But that's not for a long time, so I'm going to continue to enjoy every second of being a missionary!! 

Love y'all!!!!! 

Sister Bond

August 18, 2014

Holy week of excitement! This week was wonderful! In reality,  there were only about three exciting things that happened this week. BUT STILL. Super duper awesome!!!

But first off, to all those who were involved with the one letter a day thingy I received in the mail.. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being able to have encouragement everyday for y'all back home has been such a blessing! One day I will get back to those that wrote me! So just you wait! So thank you!! 

On Tuesday Sister Ellis and I went knocking on doors looking for people to teach. And guess what! We knocked on a mans door that asked us a bunch of questions, and set up an appointment for us to come back on Friday. So we being the awesome missionaries that we are went back! We brought our ward mission leader with us, and went to see him! 
In the lesson, it was very obvious that this man just wanted to bible bash us. Sad right? Well, in this lesson, he told us how wrong we are, and how blind we are. Plus a number of other very negative things towards us. 
So what do you do in that situation? Bare testimony of course! This man did NOT want us to speak at all. I had to raise my hand in order to talk, and when I did, I only spoke for MAYBE 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds, I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon, and how I KNOW with EVERY peace of my heart and EVERY fiber of my being that the Book of Mormon is true. I don't know if I've ever felt the spirit so strong in a lesson. 
He cut me off in the middle of my testimony and told me how wrong I was, and how I can't "know" if something is true.  He was truly attacking my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ. But Sister Ellis and I stayed true to what we know to be true, we were very polite, and left before things got too out of hand. 
But I can honestly say that it was one of the most powerful moments on my mission! 
In the lesson, I learned a few things. 
1st. GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN!!!!! No matter what faith. No matter what color. No matter what. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. Simple as that. 
2nd. I KNOW that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was once upon the earth.  It has been restored through a prophet of God. And I KNOW that it is true, if I didn't have a testimony of that, I wouldn't be out here.  
3rd. I gained such a desire for everyone to come closer to Christ. Obviously we can't force anyone to accept our message, we can't force it down their throat or tie them up and make them accept it, one that wouldn't be right, and two that's just not the way it happens. BUT, in the lesson I could feel how much God loves his children, and how much he desires for each of us to come unto Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. 

You don't need a lesson with a Bible basher to know that God loves each of us. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Never forget that, okay?  So needless to say, it was a wonderful experience meeting with this man. 

So guess what else happened this week!!! WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!! We officially got to meet with Dawn, and we committed her to baptism!! So pray that all will work out!! She's scheduled for September 13th. So, we sure are praying! 
It was pretty awesome, we were in our lesson with her, and asked her to pray about the Book of Mormon, and she proceeded to tell us that she's already been reading from the Book of Mormon, and has prayed about it and knows that it's true!!!! MIRACLE!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH! Dawn is such a wonderful person, and I'm SO excited to be able to teach her! God truly loves his children! 

The next exciting thing that happened! It's not as exciting I guess.. But still pretty legit. 
This morning a bunch of us missionaries woke up at 4am and went on a hike! Everyone called it a hike, but I'm pretty sure it was more of rock climbing. It was SO much fun!! I was dying, but it was great! We got to see the sunrise a little bit, and I got to scrape my hands up a ton! So now my hands have several cuts.. Oops.. BUT it was so great! We were climbing through rocks, and pulling and pushing one another up. I'm still exhausted from it, and can already feel how sore I'm going to be tomorrow. But it was SO worth it! The view was GORGEOUS and it was just simply fun.  Just pray that I can walk tomorrow! Hahaha, but for real. It was great!! 

As for the funny moment this week, on Tuesday we didn't have a car at all, we share our car with the Elders in the another area that's nearby, so it was getting late and nobody was out so we decided to start waking to the Elders apartments to pick up our car, which the Elders live in an area called "Felony flats".. It's a little sketchy, but not bad... ANYWAYS. We're walking through felony flats, when a member of our congregation pulls up and yells at us to get in her car. We rushed in thinking that something must be wrong, but she started telling us how we were in such a sketchy area, and how worried it made her to see us walking. It doesn't sound funny, but I promise you it was!  We were so worried that something was wrong, when she told us how worried she was for us! Ha...Ha...Haaaaa.... Yeah............... Welp. 

I am so grateful for SO many things! I see miracles happening everywhere! Thank you for all the support y'all give me! Heavenly Father has been answering so many prayers! But please keep praying!!! 
I love y'all so much!! Have a great week y'all!!! 

Sister Bond<3

August 11, 2014

Hey there everyone! This was a pretty good week! Not a whole lot happened, but it was good! 

We met Dawn this week! We haven't been able to have an official lesson with her yet, but shes SO prepared. She already reads from the Book of Mormon, and already wants to be baptized and come to church. She just has to you know.. Be taught the lessons.. And come to church.. Just those minor things ;) Hahaha, but I'm SO thankful for her! Shes going through a lot right now, but I have so much faith that things will work out!

So this week we ate out every single night. Fast food. Every night. I promise I'm not complaining, just wait! Haha, I'm thankful for the food that I have! But one night, a member was dropping off some fast food, she couldn't meet with us to have dinner, but she still wanted to feed us, so she dropped off some KFC. Anyways, she dropped off A TON of chicken, more than we needed.. So guess what we did! We packed it up and delivered it to some hobos!! The sad part was. It was during the hottest part of the day,so there weren't any hobos out. D: SO what did we do? We ding dong ditched it to a family in need. We hid behind some bushes to watch when guess what! Nobody answered. we didn't want it to get cold, so we took it to another family! This time we made sure they got their chicken! So what we did was knocked on the door and pretended that the food wasn't from us. Brilliant? I THINK SO! Anyways, this family believed us when we said that we didn't know where the chicken came from. But seeing their faces light up when the found all the food was priceless!! 
So that was a great experience!  

We also had Zone Conference this week! Which consisted of all the missionaries in Victorville, and half the missionaries in Apple Valley. That was super great!  We talked a lot about how we need to truly ask ourselves how we can improve, and ask God how we can be better. We also talked a lot on how we can work in unity with the members of the church wish missionary work!! Needless to say, it was a GREAT conference!

We did some service at a squash farm this week!! That was fun! We mostly just planet squash, and tied trees to a fence to make them all straight! I got so dirty from it!! My arms were black from dirt! It feels good to be able to show how hard you're working! Not to mention, we got to take home some squash! ;)  

We were also able to get into some less active homes that haven't let missionaries in before! So that was great! I met one girl named Sophie! You'd never guess that she avoids the missionaries! She was so kind! So we're hoping we can start teaching her!  

Something that I've really been learning this week is that God calls imperfect people to do his work. I've been reading from the New Testament a lot lately, and  look at Christs disciples. Were they perfect? NO! They still had to have faith! They still had to learn! Just as Christ calls people to preach his gospel in the biblical times, he calls people now to proclaim his gospel! And are we perfect? HECK NO! If any of us were perfect, we wouldn't be here! 
And guess what! We'll never be perfect. But, we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We have a way to improve. We have a way to grow and be better. I am so thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm not perfect, but because of him, I can do better. 
As a missionary, you are set apart to proclaim the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To preach, and teach his gospel, just like Christs apostles, I still have to learn, I still have to have Faith, and I still have to TRY and do better. And we CAN. We can together. I'm not perfect, but I can sure try!  

Now, as for a funny moment this week! 
This afternoon we were playing duck duck goose with some other missionaries,  and after a few rounds, we realized that we're all pretty clumsy and fall all over the place! So what do we do? We take our shoes off of course! So we were playing duck duck goose in our socks on the wood floor. And of course we were playing sports before we started, so our feet were sweaty. Meaning we were sliding EVERYWHERE! There were a few of us that totally slid on our faces. I ripped my pants because of the wood burn that I got! Pretty sweet! Anyways, it was pretty funny because not only are we playing duck duck goose. But we're all face planting into the ground. Needless to say it was hilarious!  

Well family, I sure am thankful to be able to be a missionary! Time is flying by super duper fast!! At the end of this month I'll hit my six month mark!! CRAZY!!!!! I LOVE being a missionary, and love learning so many things! 
I sure hope that y'all have a great week! Thank you for all the support that y'all give me!!! 

Love y'all!!!!!! 

Sister Bond

August 4, 2014

Hello there!! I never quite know how to start my emails, sometimes I want to jump right into everything.. And others, I just kinda sit here at the computer debating on how to start it.. SO. HI!!!!!! 

Hahaha I crack myself up sometimes.. But this week was great! It seems like we were super busy, but in reality we mostly just did a TON of service!! 

We helped out with a wedding reception, so that was tons of fun! We served food, and cleaned, and helped to set up the decorations! So that was a lot of fun! The bride was gorgeous! I wish I had gotten a picture of her dress because it was simply beautiful! It made me miss pinterest a little bit though! All the wedding things.. BUT, being a missionary is way cooler than spending tooooooooo much time on pinterest.. Anyways, it was a ton of fun! 

We also helped out more at the animal shelter! We did more yard work, but we got to look at all the dogs, so that was a lot of fun! Animals are so much fun! I just love them! 
As we were doing yard work, a dust storm came in.. So here we are, in the middle of moving mulch, and all the dust and wind starts coming in. It was pretty fun, we couldn't see anything because we would get wind in our eyes, so we were pretty much moving blind. Of course we didn't get to finish what we were doing, but it was a pretty fun experience!  

Miracle alert!! We received a referral!! Meaning, someone has possibly found someone for us to teach! Which is a HUGE miracle! Right now, we don't have any investigators, and this means we might have one! 
Anyways. Her name is Dawn, she went to a baptism for her son, and apparently felt the spirit, and wants to learn more! SO HUGE MIRACLE! We're praying that all will work out with her!  But either way, we're pretty excited! 

Also, I've come to realize as I've been out here, that I am extremely awkward. Hahaha, my new nickname is "awkward turkey"... BUT I'm pretty sure it's a good thing, because I'm happy with it, and everyone else just laughs.. But it's a good laugh.. I don't really know why I'm telling y'all this, but it made me laugh this week that I'm super awkward! I just love it! So note to anyone reading this. 
....That is all.  

Did y'all watch the video I sent you last week? Because I have a new one for you!! 
I just love this video. It reminds me that God hears EVERY prayer. In his own time, but he is there, and he listens! 
It reminds me that God KNOWS me personally. That he CARES for us. 
We don't have to have huge trials to know that God is there for us, but I've seen that during my trials, I've never been alone.  And I KNOW with all my heart that God loves us. That Jesus Christ is our friend, and our brother, he suffered so many things for me personally. And for you personally. No matter what happens in life, we can always turn to our Savior, we will never be alone through our trials, or during our happy times. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is ALWAYS there for us.  
Isn't it just amazing to know that we don't have to be alone? 
I would love if y'all watched this video and wrote me about what your thoughts are. And what stood out to you. 

Funny moments of the week: 
So Sister Ellis and I were talking about how awkward missionaries can be at times.. How sometimes we're almost like stalkers... But not really, because we aren't. Anyways, before I realized what I said, I said "Who needs facebook stalking when you can do REAL stalking?" Hahaha, I don't know about you, but we were DYING. Of course we aren't really stalking people, that would be weird. But it was pretty funny. 

We were also at dinner last night at one of the 15 year old daughters wouldn't stop talking, she was going about a million miles an hour, so her family made a bet that she couldn't stay quiet for 5 minutes. Anyways, she accepted the challenge, and had her hand over her mouth the entire time otherwise she would have started talking! We were all laughing so hard we were crying. It was pretty hilarious!  

I guess looking back, it wasn't thaaaaat funny... But it WAS! Haha, as a missionary, every little thing that's slightly funny is hilarious. It's just awesome! 

Anyways!! I love y'all so much!! But more importantly our Father in Heaven loves y'all!!! Keep up the great work! I'm so proud to have so many wonderful people back home!  

I sure do love y'all! Good luck with school to all those who will be starting this week!!!! 

Sister Bond 

A Quick Update From The Big Sister

I guess I've slacked off updating Lyndy's blog. Sorry y'all! I'll be posting a lot of stuff today to get all caught up hopefully. I am planning on having a baby tomorrow via c-section so I won't be updating again for a while, but I'll turn the blog over to our awesome mom until I can start updating again. I'm sure she can figure this out.... :-) If not, I'll do another big update in another month or so. If you want to get her emails personally and are not receiving them now please let me know, or write her yourself and she can add you to her list-
But the long and short of it is, Lyndy is doing great and is happy. Hang on with me here and I'll get these letters and pictures posted for you.