Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Better Week Than Last

Hello there! How are y'all?? This week was much better than last! Not that last week was bad.. But it went a lot smoother. 

But fo real. This week was great!! Last Monday night we took the G. family on a tour of the church building and introduced them to some members of the church and guess what!! It went perfectly!!! They invited everyone over for dinner the next day! What a miracle!! And guess what else! THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! First time in 6 years!! I was so excited! Plus they loved it, so that was a good sign!! They said that they want to come next week as well! So many blessings! Missionaries have been working with this family for so long, and now seeing them come to church, was pretty amazing! It just reminded me that even though I don't always see the fruit of my labors, it doesn't mean I'm not planting seeds! 

Also on Monday, I killed my first road kill. It was a bird.. And I cried.. It was pretty traumatizing! Now I keep seeing dead birds.. I think it's haunting me or something! D:  

Anyways.. Haha, I just had to tell y'all! ;) This week was super windy too!! There were a lot of roads closed, and a ton of trees that were down.. Plus fires! So that was pretty eventful! We ended up being able to talk to a lot more people because of that, so it was a pretty sweet blessing!! 

We taught Ernie some more this week! He's doing so great!! He's keeping his commitments, and is on date to be baptized on the 31st of this month!! He came to church this week too!!! It was the first time he's come! So that was extremely exciting!!

We also taught Donna, we found and saved her dog a week ago.. Her lesson went alright, we'll have to pass her off to some other missionaries though, so that's a bit of a bummer! We keep finding all of these GREAT investigators! But we can't teach them for various reasons.. So I'm praying that we can find more people for US to teach!! 

Sister Cobabe and I are getting along pretty great! She's a great person! Last night we just sat in the car when we came home and just sang church songs for like 10 minutes. Hahaha, it was great!! 

I sure do love being a missionary!! I love how even when days are rough, and don't go as planned, there's a miracle in everyday!! I'm so thankful so be able to see Gods hand in SO MANY THINGS! He's truly aware of everything that we are going through! He knows us personally, and had placed us in families, and areas for a specific reason. We have so many blessings that we don't even think about!! It's pretty humbling to be a missionary, and I just love it!

So now onto the funny moment of the week!! Best part of the email right? ;) 
So, most of my funny moments are have to be there moments.. But Aurora just told me a hilarious joke that I'll share! 
What do you call a fake noodle??
AN IMPASTA!! HA! I thought it was pretty hilarious!! 

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