Monday, April 28, 2014

Answering a Prayer

Hello there!! This week was good! A little bit longer, but it was still good!!
Not a lot of exciting things happened, but it was still a great week!!

Ernie is still progressing, he has a new baptismal date for May 30th, so we're praying all will go well!!
We passed Reyna off to the other sisters, which was super depressing because I just love her so much!! But the Spanish sisters are great, so I know she's in good hands.
We haven't really had the chance to meet with our other investigators much this week, but we will this coming week! We're praying that all goes well! People like to cancel on us a lot, but it's still good!!

We have a new potential! Her name is Donna! So, cool story.
Sister Cobabe and I were starting the car, and all the sudden a puppy pops out!!! So what do we do. We turn the car off and go and pet her! After petting her, we see that she doesn't have a name tag, so we decided to find it's owner, so we were knocking doors, and knocked one door and a young guy opened the door and guess what! We had found the owner!
Apparently Donna had just said a prayer when we knocked on her door. She had been searching all morning and had given up and prayed. Next thing she knows, we're at her door!
She let us in and we started talking.. Apparently she hasn't been agreeing with what her church has been teaching lately, and has been looking for a new church!
Everything we brought up with her, she agreed with.
So now we're just waiting to meet with her again! Cool huh? It's amazing to me to see how fast God can answer our prayers!

This week was a lot harder to find different homes, and where to go. I'm still not great with directions, so we got lost several times this week.. But we're getting it!! Thank goodness we have a map to help us find out where to go!!

We're still working with the G. family! We're actually taking them on a church tour tonight!! So that should be great! They're pretty nervous about going back to church since they haven't been in years, so we offered to show them around, and they accepted! So that's pretty great!

Something I really learned this week, is that the Spirit speaks in every language! We went with to a lesson to see Reyna, and the Spanish sisters taught it all in Spanish, so I had no idea what they were saying.. But it didn't matter, the spirit was there! The good thing about how the spirit feels, is that it's personal to you. It doesn't matter what language someone is speaking in. You can feel peace, warmth, and comfort in ALL languages.
I'm so thankful for that! And to be able to share that with everyone around me, is such a blessing.
Sure it's hard sometimes, but the atonement of Jesus Christ was harder. He died for us, so that we can have peace and joy, and that's the message that I have the blessing to share with those around me. It's very humbling.

This week was hard, but it was worth it. I've already grown so much!! I love being able to grow!

So, funny story! We were eating dinner this week with and elderly couple.. And we were eating pizza, and I had finished my piece, and the elderly sister looks at me, then looks at her husband and says "Quick!! Get the little one more pizza!!!"
Haha, it's great to know that even though I'm still gaining weight, people still think I'm little!! It was pretty funny!

Anyways, I'll try to remember more about my week next Monday! Mothers day is coming up, so it's going to be exciting to Skype y'all!!!

I sure do love y'all!!!!! Thank you for all that y'all do back home!! I pray for so many of y'all.
I love y'all!!

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