Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week

Wow! What a week!! Transfers were a bummer, Sister Taylor has been transferred to Apple Valley.. AKA the desert! She'll be training again. So that's pretty cool.. We were extremely close, so it was a bummer seeing her leave.. But I know that the Lord wants this to happen, so there must be some pretty great things in store!

This week was great though!! I didn't take note of what happened though, so it's kinda hard to remember what happened this week and what happened last.. So I'm sorry if I repeat things!

We took Ernie on a church tour this week! That was FANTASTIC! We found out some of his concerns, and what exactly we need to teach him.. He promised he would be at church.. But didn't show.. So that was super depressing.. But all is well!

Reyna is doing well! We're thinking that we'll be handing her off to the Spanish sisters though... We found out she's not legally married, and in order to be baptized she'll need to be married.. But we can't talk to the husband because he doesn't speak English! Bummer!! But I'm sure everything will work out! I know it will.

Easter was great!! We went to church, which is always wonderful, and after that we went to the G. Family! The food was delicious! Ham and Jell-O eggs! Yum. They molded everything into Easter decorations/food... Anyways, the food looked adorable! I wish I got a picture of it!
After dinner, we went on an Easter egg hunt.. More of watched the kids run around, but it was pretty fun! It was kinda awkward though.. Most of the people avoided us.. BUT. It was still fun! We have SO much candy though!!! People out here keep giving us bags and bags of candy!! The candy is piling up!

Oh! I should probably tell y'all about my new companion! Her name is Sister Cobabe, she's from Utah! She's been out for about 10 months.. So she's pretty cool! Things are a little awkward right now since we just met and all... But I'm sure we'll break that awkwardness soon! I really like her so far though.

Have y'all watched the video called Because of him? It's on youtube, but also a video.. Anyways, it's pretty legit. I just love it! If you haven't seen it, you should look it up.
Because Jesus Christ died for us, we have SO many things. We have our family, we have our home, we have a body, we have peace, joy, and love. Plus SO many other things. We are so very blessed.
I would strongly encourage y'all to watch it!

We met Luz this week! She's a former investigator, but we're going to start teaching her again! So that's pretty exciting!

I'm kinda stumped on what else to say.. But this week was great!! It went by SO fast though!! A mission is like one long day with a ton of naps in the middle.. But it's great. I love every second of it! Can you believe it's almost been 2 months since I left??? CRAZY!!

Funny moment of the week! So we were talking with a member that came with us to our church tour with Ernie, and we were standing outside by our car right? Well Brother N. Told us how nice our car looked and asked if it still smelled like a new car.. Sister Taylor answered and said that it now smells like men! We had just gotten a new air freshener that smells like guys cologne.. It was pretty hilarious seeing his face! We aren't allowed to have guys in the car.. And hearing that it smells like men.. Anyways, it was pretty hilarious!!!!

I sure do love y'all!! I'm so thankful for each and everyone of y'all!!! I love hearing from everyone every week! I'm so blessed to see so many miracles every single day!
How are your studies going? Learn anything new or exciting??

Keep working hard! I love the feeling of when we're having a rough day, and we see a blessing clearly from God. It's the best feeling in the world.

I love each of you so much!! Have a great week! Got it?

Love you!!!!!!

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