Monday, April 7, 2014

An Overdue Letter

Hey there everyone!! Sorry I didn't write last week, we had a member and his wife take us out for lunch and surprised us with bowling afterwards which cut into our emailing time.. So we weren't able to write at all.. But here I am now! So now to catch up on two weeks! Y'all ready?

So on Tuesday we were going to one of our meetings (district meeting) and we tried to turn the car on and guess what! It wouldn't work... We sat there for like 5 minutes trying to call people telling them that we'd be late.. Anyways, me being the missionary that I am decided to say a prayer! And as soon as I said "amen" a man came out of NOWHERE and asked us if we needed to jump the car! Thank goodness the Lord answers prayers! We ended up making it to our meeting on time! But for the rest of the day, our car wouldn't start.. So we took it into the repair shop, and ended up talking to several people about what being a missionary is, and what we believe in.
None of which are interested in learning more right now, but it was pretty cool!
The church also decided that the car wasn't worth fixing (it was going to cost several hundred dollars to fix) so they bought us a brand new car!!! :D It's a Subaru legacy. Her name is Venelopy and I love her. Hahaha But that was pretty cool for last week!

I don't remember who all I've told y'all about, but I found out that we can use first names while emailing, just not first and last or whatever.. So now I can use real names!
But we're teaching Reyna and her family, she has a baptismal date for the 12th of may! She's seriously amazing! She just wants to learn more about the gospel, and wants us to teach her family! I just love her!
We haven't been able to meet with her lately though because she's been pretty busy, but she's a pretty cool lady and just wants to learn more!

We're also teaching Ernie, he's an older man that lives with some roommates.. He has two daughters and is just one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet! He's not totally there 100% of the time, but goodness gracious he's kind!
We invited him to general conference (where our prophet and apostles speak to us every 6 months) and he was going to come and meet us at a members home! Until we found out that we misunderstood some times.. And gave him the wrong time.. Later that day, we found out that he'd been riding his bike for 4 1/2 hours JUST to get to general conference!!!! If that isn't dedication, I dunno what is! We felt SOOOOO bad about giving him the wrong times!
But it was a great humbling experience to see his faith in the Savior.
Later that day, (Sunday) we went and stopped by his home and ended up teaching a surprise lesson on Faith!! We taught entirely by the Spirit.. Meaning, it was one of our best lessons that I've ever taught! We ended up getting him to pray at the end of the lesson! Which is something we've had a super hard time doing.. But he has so much faith! It's inspiring!

Oh, so cool story! I fed snakes this past Monday!!! You know the snakes that I always send y'all pictures of? Well I fed them some mice!! I have pictures, so hopefully I have time to send them! But I can mark that off my bucket list!

Oh! I also experienced my first earthquake!!! We were on the phone with some of our elders at the time, we were giving them our numbers for the week.. Anyways, Sister Taylor and I gave each other a high five.. Next thing we know, the room is shaking! It was pretty fun! I kinda enjoyed it.. Hahahaha! But it's a pretty sweet feeling to be safe! ;)

All these general meetings have been SO great!!! I love being able to hear from our prophet and apostles! They're such humble people!! They have so many inspiring messages! Holy pooh nuggets! It went by SO fast!!
But I really loved how they were talking so much on having a great attitude, and being obedient to the Lord and his commandments.
In this world, it's just going to get worse and worse, but I know that as we truly stand tall, and stick of for our beliefs, whatever they may be, I know that God will protect us and watch over us!

I love being a missionary and being able to share messages of hope.
With Easter coming up, we've been going around sharing messages about when Jesus died on the cross, and how he lives again. I love seeing light in peoples eyes, I know without a doubt that Jesus lives, and that he died for each and every single one of us! How great of a message is that? I love sharing it!

So with general conference, I was trying to think of an invitation to extend to each of you! How about y'all study the book Preach my gospel once a week? Then report to me on what y'all learn? Think you're up for it? Then I can share what I study in that amazing book!! How does that sound? I know that as you do, you'll see so many more blessings of peace, and that your relationships with your family and with God will be strengthened!

Now time for some funny stories! :D
So, Sister Taylor and I went to visit this less active lady whom we thought had moved.. So we stopped by her home to see if she was still there and to try and get some of her information for other missionaries and such! Anyways, this is how it went.

-Rings door bell-
Sister Taylor: Hi! Is Connie here by any chance?
Large man: Nope, she's at work right now. -Weird look in his eye-
Sister Taylor: Oh, well we're just looking for her information!
Large man: -creeped out look- Well she's at work right now, but she gets home around 9pm.
Sister Taylor: Oh! Well can we come back and visit after 9?
Me: Umm Sister Taylor, that's a wee bit late! Don't you think?
Large man: That's really late. -Creeped out look still-
Sister Taylor: Really? Hmm okay! We'll, we're missionaries for Connies church!
Large man: So? -bored crepped out look-
Sister Taylor: Well can you tell Connie we stopped by?
Large man: -creeped out super awkward and sketch look while saying nothing-
Me: Well you have a great night Sir!
.......After getting in the car: Sister Taylor, do you know how creepy you just sounded?
..... After thinking of the entire conversation, we started CRACKING UP! We're still laughing about it.. I think it was funnier in person... But ohmygoodness gracious, it was hilarious!!!!

Welp. There are tons of other fun and awkward stories.. But that's been one of my favorites.. Haha, we're doing this thing while tracting when we knock doors we ask if we can share a song about how we're Gods children (I am a child of God) and people just flat out say no! Or they slam the door in our face... But somehow I just laugh... Just because people think that we're some sort of plague... It's pretty great! Especially when the avoid eye contact at ALL costs! Even if it means running into a wall... Yes this has happened!
But with all of that, I LOVE being a missionary!!! It's simply the greatest!!

Anyways, I sure do love each and everyone of y'all!!! Thank you for being examples to ME! I love reading y'alls emails when I get on here!! I sure do wish I had time to write everyone.. But if you write hand written letters, you'll have a better chance of me responding ;) Just sayin' ;) Hahaha but I sure do love you!!!
Keep up the great work!!!!

Love, Sister Lyndy Bond<3

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