Monday, April 14, 2014

Exciting week!

Hey there family!! What a week!! I haven't even been out 2 months and I've already been to the ER! As in emergency room! Super fun! Haha, before y'all freak out, I'm fine. I just had an infection in my eye!
I had some super fun symptoms, first my eye was totally red. Not good! I also had a ton of pressure on my eye, and on my left side of my head.. My vision was also going blurry, so the mission nurse decided that it would be best if I went to the Dr..... But seeing how I'm super special, she sent me to the ER instead.. They said it was just some sort of infection, so they gave me some fun medication and I'm all better now! That was one for my journal!! I thought about sending you my ER bracelet and not telling you anything.. But I'm not that mean ;)

But fo real. This week was great!! We met with Ernie again, and committed him to baptism! So now we have two investigators with a baptismal date. Just pray everything goes well! We're now seeing Ernie everyday, so that's great!
We haven't been able to meet with Reyna much this week, but we met her husband and found out he only speaks Spanish.. So that's kinda hard to teach.. So we might pass them off to the Spanish sisters.. Which is super hard because I just love Reyna and her family!!
But we're praying!!

We also have a new investigator! Her name is Michelle, she has a ton of health issues, sister Taylor used to teach her, but stopped because she kept canceling on her.. Anyways, she finally received a priesthood blessing (the priesthood is the power to act in Gods name) and she's doing a lot better! She told us how much peace she felt while she was getting the blessing.. Anyways, we have another appointment with her, and now she doesn't seem so flaky!

This week a lot of people canceled on us, so we knocked a lot of doors, but not a lot of people seemed interested.. Sad! This message can bless so many lives! And can bring so much peace and joy! Not to mention it strengthens your relationship with God.. But people slam the doors and reject it.. But, it's all good! One day I hope they give it a chance!

We've also been meeting with one of our Less active families, the G's. They're hoping to come to church the week after Easter, we'll be meeting with them on Easter with all of their family, so we're pretty excited!!!

I love the area that I'm in, we have a lot of elderly people, but they're SO kind! I just love them! I love talking to everyone, there are so many people out there, I love it!
I love when people tell me about their faith, even though they don't want to listen to us right now, they have something that keeps them going, something that gives them strength. And I'm thankful for that.

This transfer is almost over! So on Saturday we find out if we're staying or leaving! Scary.

Okay, now for the funny moment this week! Brittany, do you remember when you would always tell me about pro wrestling? Well it came in handy! .. Sort of.

Anyways, Sister Taylor were doing our companionship inventory, basically when we discuss our companionship and everything about it.
We read the question of "what is the strength of your relationship?" so I told sister Taylor that it's like a big muscular pro wrestler! But then I realized that we weren't men. Shocker. And so I changed it, I described the female wrestler, that kinda looks like a man, that's super scary but super strong! Anyways, she was cracking up!!! It was pretty funny.

We met with President Hobbs this week! He and Sister Hobbs are some pretty great people!!

Anyways, I want y'all to know, that I LOVE being a missionary, I love being tested, I love being tested because it gives me a chance to rely on the Lord and to grow.
I love talking with people, I love having fun, I love teaching and being guided and being brought closer to the Lord. I love this church, and I know that it is true. I know that because of it, I can be with my family forever! I know that I can be strengthened in whatever trial comes.

I sure do love it out here! Thank you for all the support I receive!
I love y'all so much!!!!!!!

Sister Lyndy Bond

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