Sunday, September 14, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hey there everyone! This was a pretty good week! Not a whole lot happened, but it was good! 

We met Dawn this week! We haven't been able to have an official lesson with her yet, but shes SO prepared. She already reads from the Book of Mormon, and already wants to be baptized and come to church. She just has to you know.. Be taught the lessons.. And come to church.. Just those minor things ;) Hahaha, but I'm SO thankful for her! Shes going through a lot right now, but I have so much faith that things will work out!

So this week we ate out every single night. Fast food. Every night. I promise I'm not complaining, just wait! Haha, I'm thankful for the food that I have! But one night, a member was dropping off some fast food, she couldn't meet with us to have dinner, but she still wanted to feed us, so she dropped off some KFC. Anyways, she dropped off A TON of chicken, more than we needed.. So guess what we did! We packed it up and delivered it to some hobos!! The sad part was. It was during the hottest part of the day,so there weren't any hobos out. D: SO what did we do? We ding dong ditched it to a family in need. We hid behind some bushes to watch when guess what! Nobody answered. we didn't want it to get cold, so we took it to another family! This time we made sure they got their chicken! So what we did was knocked on the door and pretended that the food wasn't from us. Brilliant? I THINK SO! Anyways, this family believed us when we said that we didn't know where the chicken came from. But seeing their faces light up when the found all the food was priceless!! 
So that was a great experience!  

We also had Zone Conference this week! Which consisted of all the missionaries in Victorville, and half the missionaries in Apple Valley. That was super great!  We talked a lot about how we need to truly ask ourselves how we can improve, and ask God how we can be better. We also talked a lot on how we can work in unity with the members of the church wish missionary work!! Needless to say, it was a GREAT conference!

We did some service at a squash farm this week!! That was fun! We mostly just planet squash, and tied trees to a fence to make them all straight! I got so dirty from it!! My arms were black from dirt! It feels good to be able to show how hard you're working! Not to mention, we got to take home some squash! ;)  

We were also able to get into some less active homes that haven't let missionaries in before! So that was great! I met one girl named Sophie! You'd never guess that she avoids the missionaries! She was so kind! So we're hoping we can start teaching her!  

Something that I've really been learning this week is that God calls imperfect people to do his work. I've been reading from the New Testament a lot lately, and  look at Christs disciples. Were they perfect? NO! They still had to have faith! They still had to learn! Just as Christ calls people to preach his gospel in the biblical times, he calls people now to proclaim his gospel! And are we perfect? HECK NO! If any of us were perfect, we wouldn't be here! 
And guess what! We'll never be perfect. But, we have the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We have a way to improve. We have a way to grow and be better. I am so thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I'm not perfect, but because of him, I can do better. 
As a missionary, you are set apart to proclaim the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To preach, and teach his gospel, just like Christs apostles, I still have to learn, I still have to have Faith, and I still have to TRY and do better. And we CAN. We can together. I'm not perfect, but I can sure try!  

Now, as for a funny moment this week! 
This afternoon we were playing duck duck goose with some other missionaries,  and after a few rounds, we realized that we're all pretty clumsy and fall all over the place! So what do we do? We take our shoes off of course! So we were playing duck duck goose in our socks on the wood floor. And of course we were playing sports before we started, so our feet were sweaty. Meaning we were sliding EVERYWHERE! There were a few of us that totally slid on our faces. I ripped my pants because of the wood burn that I got! Pretty sweet! Anyways, it was pretty funny because not only are we playing duck duck goose. But we're all face planting into the ground. Needless to say it was hilarious!  

Well family, I sure am thankful to be able to be a missionary! Time is flying by super duper fast!! At the end of this month I'll hit my six month mark!! CRAZY!!!!! I LOVE being a missionary, and love learning so many things! 
I sure hope that y'all have a great week! Thank you for all the support that y'all give me!!! 

Love y'all!!!!!! 

Sister Bond

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