Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Great Transfer

Hello family!! How are y'all?? Apple Valley is wonderful!! I was a little bit scared coming up here, but the people here are so wonderful and welcoming! 

First off, the members that we live with are SO GREAT!! They're just the sweetest people you'll ever meet! They treat us like their grandchildren, so we're a little bit spoiled, but they're just such great people. I love them! 

Sister Ellis is super cool! We get along super well, we're still working on teaching in unity, but it's getting much better! 

Tuesday was pretty cool! We had district meeting which is when missionaries in the area come and pretty much strengthen one another where we receive multiple training's and so forth. ANYWAYS our entire training was Lord of the rings themed. It was about putting off the natural man, which in this case was the ring, and how we need to get rid of our personal ring. I don't know if that made much sense, but it was cool. 
Later that night, we went to a members home that has been struggling, we ended up watching a pioneer movie and had popcorn and rootbeer. It was a pretty fun night, it made me super thankful to be able to have this gospel, there were so many struggles that the pioneers had to go through in order to have the church today! 
Totally counting my blessings!  
This week was honestly just me being introduced to a lot of members in the ward, but it was great. There are so many kind people out here. 
The weather it hot, but the sunsets make up for it! The sky is just beautiful!!  

As for the funny moment, I have a few! 
So the family that we live with, they have their grandchildren living with them temporarily, so there are about 15-20 kids under the age of 11 running around everywhere! Great kids, I promise! 
Anyways, they all decided to guess my name, since I go by "Sister Bond" most people don't know what my real name is. 
So these kids have been guessing my name all week, everyday I would give them a letter, and they would guess. 
Each of them at different points in the day either called me "Lifonda" Or "Latiffa" So apparently that's what I look like? I'm not really sure. What's even better is that we were visiting a family in the area, and they guessed the same name!! I thought it was pretty much hilarious. 
    As for the second funny moment, every Friday we have weekly planning, which like it's named, you plan for the entire next week, it normally takes about 3 hours, and at the end of it, you do a companion inventory, which you basically tell one another anything, kinda like a heart to heart kinda deal. 
So Sister Ellis and I had an appointment that we needed to get to, and we didn't have a chance to do comp inventory, so after the appointment we decided to just park in some shade, which was in front of a strangers house, as we were sitting there, Sister Ellis told me that every time she's done that in the past, the people that lived in the home we park in front of, they come home and normally think we're creepers and come out and tell us to leave. 
As we're sitting there, of course a car pulls up! So we being the clever people that we are pretend we're lost, and pull out our map and point in every which way direction. 
The man that pulled up just gave us the weirdest look and walked away. 
SO IT WORKED! If you're ever being a creeper, and sit outside someones home, just pretend you're lost. It shall work!  
Hahaha... Anyways....

I am truly so thankful for so many things!  I KNOW that Heavenly Father knows me personally, and he sends us to certain areas to learn, and to grow. 
He will ALWAYS be there for us. We're never alone, we can distance ourselves from God, but he will never distance himself from us. He loves us too much to do that. 
I'm so thankful to have a knowledge that no matter what, THINGS WILL WORK OUT. And why wouldn't they? It's all part of Gods plan. 
I know he lives. I know he loves us. And I know that we can return to live with him again. 
And for that, I'm thankful. 

I sure do love y'all and hope you have a great week! If you get a chance, study preach my gospel. It's honestly one of my favorite books. It's a life saver!

Love y'all!! 

Love, Sister Bond 

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