Sunday, July 6, 2014

Miracles Happen Everyday

So, miracles happen everyday. Did y'all know that? Because they totally do!! 
This week was super crazy, so I apologize in advance if it doesn't make sense! 

Lupe is doing great! She's really confused about a  LOT of things though.. So it's pretty interesting teaching her! Haha, I love her so much though! She's just super sweet, she still wants to be baptized, so getting her ready for that is pretty exciting! We have no idea when that'll happen, but please keep praying for her! 

Ernie is doing so great!! I love seeing his progression from when we first met him! He met with Bishop yesterday, and should be getting the Priesthood soon!! How exciting is that?? It's seriously super humbling to be a missionary and seeing so many miracles! 

I'm getting super tan out here! I'm red every other day from getting burned, but I'm getting tan!! Miracle? I think yes!! 
Y'all want another miracle? So I made biscuits and gravy for all the missionaries in this area! It was supposed to be for only a few missionaries.. But everyone wanted some.. The miracle is that nobody got sick from them! And everyone liked them!! Haha, they were all asking about how to eat them.. It was pretty funny! 

So we had exchanges this week! So we basically switch companions with another companionship for 24 hours. So I was in Chino hills for a day! Goodness gracious it was so pretty! There were a few more trees there than there are here in Ontario! So that was super exciting for me! 
While on exchanges we had some major funny moments, and some extremely awkward ones! So hopefully this email makes y'all laugh because I've been laughing all week about it! 

FUNNY MOMENT number one! 
So we went to visit a less active sister, and we were talking with her and shared a scripture from the Bible with her and things were going great! Super awesome. What was funny was when we asked if we could leave her with a prayer, her answer was "Nope, it's too public, people will see us." Haha, I know it doesn't sound very funny, but we walked away laughing because of how weird it came out. 

Funny moment number two! We went to see another less active, and we were talking to this man, totally normal right? We talked for about 10 minutes and finally asked if we could share a scripture with him.  His answer? "No! I'm deaf and wont listen to you!" Hahaha, what's funny is that he was just listening to us for 10 minutes while we talked to him. It was pretty funny! 

Now for the funny moment that totally takes the cake!! 
We were still on exchanges, and we were taking a walk in the park to talk to people. Well this old man came up to me, and told me I had a nice backpack and it looked like it was full of books! We told him that I had one book in it, which was The Book of Mormon, and asked him if he had any questions about Mormon's, which lead to this conversation: 
Old man: Well, I don't have any questions for you, I already know that you're being misled. 
Us: Misled? How so? 
OM: Oh, I don't mean to offend you! But can I just pray for you pretty girls? 
Us: Laughing a little bit, you sure can pray for us! Can we pray for you as well?  
OM: Oh, you pretty girls are so sweet! 
Us: Well you have a nice night! 
I stuck my hand out to give him a nice handshake when guess what happened. 
HE GRABBED MY HAND AND HUGGED ME. What the awkward. While hugging me he told me how pretty I was. AWKWARD. Sister Soleta (the sister I was with) totally pulled him off of me.  
We just walked away as soon as we got away. Haha, the really funny part about the story is that while we were walking away, a lady walks up to us and tells us that the same exact thing just happened to her! CREEPY. Hahaha, it was pretty funny though! We were dying about how uncomfortable and awkward it was! That was one for the journal!! 

Anyways, I hope those awkward moments brought y'all some joy. Hahaha! 

Now back to the miracles of this great week! Once I came home from exchanges (all of the above happened while on exchanges) sister Cobabe told me that we have TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS! Apparently she and the other sister were just walking by a garage sale when they stopped and talked to Ron and Amanda! Sister Cobabe and the other sister shared a message with them, and they invited us over for dinner! Plus, THEY WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHURCH!!!! MIRACLE!!! 

Another miracle you ask? So we were at church yesterday right? Well we saw a lady sitting by herself that we didn't recognize, so we went and talked to her. 
Apparently she was driving looking for a house of God, and saw our church and decided she wanted to come and learn more! She ended up staying for 2 hours of church and kept telling us about how interesting everything is, and how much everything makes sense! 
She doesn't live in our area for teaching, but it was a miracle to be apart of her coming to church! And the fact that she was looking for a church of God totally meant something to me. 

I'm so blessed to be able to recognize so many miracles everyday!! I love being a missionary SO much!! I know that God KNOWS US PERSONALLY! He answers our prayers! EVERY SINGLE ONE.  

I sure love y'all and hope you see miracles all around you!! 
Have a great week!!!!
Sister Bond

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