Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apple Valley

Greetings from Apple Valley!! I am no longer in Ontario! Now I'm in the real desert, where when it's 99 degrees, it's a cool day! I've only been here for a few hours, but so far I like it! You need to look up joshua trees. They're these funny looking trees that look like something Dr. Seus would create! Needless to say, I have another favorite tree!  
My new companion is Sister Ellis! She's from Utah, and is pretty cool so far! Right now it's still in the "awkward I don't know you phase" but she's a hardcore disney fan, so I like her!!! 

This week was super crazy though!! 

First, on Monday for a p-day activity, we played nerf zombies with the zone. Needless to say, it was a great day!! We totally won. Just FYI! ;) 

This week we had some DELICIOUS food! First we had Cafe Rio, which is wonderful! I'm hooked on it! 
We also went to a great BBQ restaurant! It was just some great smoked food! It was delicious!! 
Then Saturday night, we roasted smores! SO MUCH FUN!  I had so much sugar though, I thought I was going to go into a comma and pass out! But it was SO worth it!   

We also did something different this week and had car sharing for a day. So basically Sister Cobabe and I walked the entire day, while the sister missionaries on bikes borrowed our car. So that was good! Walking was fun! We got to talk to a lot more people, so that was super great! 

We saw Ron and Amanda, they're doing so great! Apparently their son gave them some anti-mormon stuff, so we were pretty worried about that.. BUT, we talked to them, and the stuff they were reading was 100% FALSE. People make up some crazy things about Mormons.. Haha, but they're doing great! I'm going to miss them now that I'm in Apple Valley! 

I am SO incredibly thankful to be able to be on a mission, and especially to be able to be in Ontario for nearly  5 months! I've learned SO many things, and have met SO many amazing people! I totally had my stuggles, but I also learned some of my strengths! Heavenly Father has helped me get this far, and has taught me so many great things! I'm going to miss Ontario, but I know that I can learn and grow in Apple Valley! 
I know that Heavenly Father knows us personally, and that he knows how to help us! And that I'm in Apple Valley because he sent me here. There are no coincidences that I'm here for a reason! I am truly SO very excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me! 
I will miss Sister Cobabe though! She was such a great companion to have, I learned a ton of things from her! 

So for a the funny moment of the week: So one of the wonderful members in Ontario bought us some fake cockroaches (they're hilarious looking!)  to play with. A little weird, but so much fun! Anyways, Sister Cobabe and I decided to act out what would happen if we found one in one of our meetings. 
So here we are, in our apartment,  and put a fake cockroach on the ground, and act like it's a real bug. 
Looking back at that, it doesn't sound super funny.. But ohmygoodness gracious, it was hilarious!! We were laughing so stinkin hard at it! So for future notice, if you want to laugh, pretend there is a cockroach on the ground!! 

Oh! I forgot to tell you! We're living with members now, so now we don't have an apartment, so this shall be fun!! I'm actually really excited about it! I've heard that these members are the greatest people to live with in the mission, so hopefully that's true!! 

I truly am so thankful to be able to serve a mission, and know that I'm exactly where Heavenly Father wants me to be! I sure do love y'all, and miss y'all, but I know that we can be so very blessed when we do what God asks us to do! Keep working hard, I know that sometimes things are weird or awkward. BUT things ALWAYS work out!!!! 

I sure love y'all!!!! 

Love, Sister Bond

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