Monday, July 28, 2014

A Fun Week & A New Challenge

Hey family!! Before I start writing, the room I'm in is SUPER loud and I can't hear myself think, SO if none of this email makes sense, that's why! Haha, missionary life is great!

Anyways, this week was great! We're still struggling with finding people to teach, but we're working hard, and I know that Heavenly Father is preparing someone for us to teach!

My testimony of nightly planning totally grew this week! Every night, before we go to bed, we plan who we're going to visit the next day, and basically plan everything we're going to do the next day.
One night, we were just looking at the names of people we could visit, and there were about 4-5 people that really stood out to us, we've tried most of the names before, and nobody answered, or people just weren't nice.. But we felt like we needed to see these people anyways! So we did.
Almost EVERY person we planned on seeing was home, and told us that they had been praying for someone to come and visit them. Needless to say God inspired us to visit these people. Blessings from following the spirit? I THINK YES!

We also met a lady this week that has terminal cancer, and ohmygoodness she was the SWEETEST lady ever! Even though she doesn't have a lot of time left on this earth, you would have NEVER guessed by the attitude she had about her life. We just listened to her as she spoke of her family, and how much shes been blessed. She told us how much she loves God, and how many things he's done for her. It really touched my heart to know that even though we still have those rough spots, we can still be thankful for the things we have! This lady was seriously the sweetest person ever.

We also had an activity this week where all the members in Apple Valley got together and celebrated the pioneer history! We had chicken and rabbit to eat! So that was tasty! We also did a little bit of square dancing! So that was tons of fun! It was just a great night to simply talk to people and have fun. Being a missionary is the best!

Also, family history is pretty cool. I was looking at it a little bit this week, and ohmygoodness. Super duper cool!!! If you haven't checked out your family history, I would highly encourage you do it!

We also went tracting (knocking doors) this week in 110 degree weather! That was actually a lot of fun! People looked at us like we were crazy, and I can finally say that I've tracted in 110 degree weather! Super fun! We didn't meet anyone that wanted to learn about the message we have about Jesus Christ, but we did meet some very nice people! So that was super great!

We also did service at an animal shelter!! So much fun!!! We just pulled weeds.. BUT we saw some pretty cute puppies!! Have I mentioned how much I love being a missionary? Because I really love it! I get to do cool things like that everyday! :D

So I honestly can't think of a funny moment of the week.. So next week I'll try to come up with two things.. Or you can take one of the two things I sent last week and apply it to this week ;) Either one right? Haha, but I'm sorry I can't think of anything! D: This is really awkward now..

ANYWAYS! Something I've been trying to work on this week was to not say anything negative about ANYONE including myself. Everyday we meet people that are rude to us, or we see people just being dumb. It's SO easy to just make a joke about someone, but it's also so mean to do that! It's also very easy to say negative things about yourself, we're ALL human. We ALL have flaws! We ALL make mistakes. It's so much rewarding when we truly realize that, and when we're just patient with that. Sure it's hard, but it's so much more rewarding when we just show Christlike love towards someone else.
There's actually a super cool video that I want y'all to look up, and write me about what you thought about it! Got it? Good! Here's the link. It's about bullying, and how much it hurts.
I dunno why, but I thought I'd share it with y'all! So tell me what you think!

Anyways, I sure do love you family!! Even if you aren't my blood family, I sure love y'all and hope all y'all have a GREAT week!!!!!!!!

Love y'all!!!

Love, Sister Bond

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