Sunday, July 6, 2014

Guess who had a great week?

Guess who had a great week? THIS MISSIONARY DID! Heavenly Father answered our prayers, and now we have a new investigator! 

So we've been praying for a new investigator right? Well Saturday we got a phone call to visit this one lady, so we did and she wasn't home. Sad right? Well, the next day, Sunday, we decided to fast and pray that we would have someone to teach. 
Anyways, we went to visit someone after church who of course wasn't home, when we got the feeling to visit the referral we received on Saturday.. So we did! And guess what! We found Lupe! (loo-pay) Lupe was taught by missionaries a year ago and wanted to be baptized but ended up moving and loosing contact with missionaries and with the church. Somehow, I'm not sure how, she contacted someone who talked to us and sent her to her home. 
After talking to Lupe, she told us she wants to be baptized! She doesn't want to set a date yet though because she wants to make sure shes going to church first before she commits to anything. 
Miracle? I think YES! Our prayers have been answered! This is such a blessing! I'm so thankful! 

We also have a mother and daughter that we should be able to start teaching! How great is that? Hopefully next week I'll have more to say about them, but please pray that all goes well with these people! We're so excited and thankful. I KNOW that Heavenly Father answers prayers. He knows our needs, and is preparing so many blessings! All we have to do is trust him, and do what he says!
I just love my life. 

We've also been working on trying to visit some former investigators, so far none of them want to meet with us anymore, which is why they were dropped, but they're pretty kind to us!  So that's another blessing! 

Sister Cobabe hit her one year mark this week, so that was pretty exciting! We didn't really do anything fun for it though.. I think we just ate ice cream.. Which we do most of the time anyways! But She's a pretty cool missionary! I love her a lot! 

We also did service this week! One day we worked on some yard work, and pulled out a ton of grass! The sister was scared that it would catch fire.. So we tore it all out. That was pretty fun! 
We also did service with the G. family! AKA the snake family! They're redoing their floors, so we got to help with that some more! We tore out a bunch of stuff, I felt pretty manly with my hammer! Hahaha, it was great. 

So funny moment of the week! 
So I woke up in the middle of the night to hear Sister Cobabe sleep talking. Fist she yelled "I feel like I'm in a cocoon!" Then a little while later she yelled out "The trash cans! We're looking for green stuff!" And then she started singing there is sunshine in my soul. If you haven't listened to that song, go to and look it up. It's pretty hilarious. 
Anyways, all on one night she was talking, yelling, and singing. It was hilarious to tell her about it the next morning! 

Anyways, I'm super excited for this upcoming week! I sure love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!! What have y'all been studying lately? How's the weather back home? Any fun summer plans? I sure love letters and hearing from everyone! Keep working hard! 
Love y'all!!

Sister Bond

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