Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy 4th!

Hello family! How are y'all?? Did you have a good 4th? 
This week was pretty slow! Nobody was home this week, so we weren't able to meet with hardly anyone... And it was pretty hot, so we didn't get to walk a lot.. We kinda didn't want to have a heat stroke. That wouldn't be fun! 
BUT. This week was great!! 

For the 4th of July, all the missionaries in Ontario got to march in the Ontario parade! 28 missionaries! How cool is that? We got to hold the state flags and wave to everyone! SO MUCH FUN! Plus, we got to talk to a ton of people afterwords! 
I got to carry my Georgia flag, so that was super awesome! We had to be inside our apartment by 6:00pm, so we had a pretty short day.. But I had BBQ!! With real BBQ sauce!! I had some steak, and mygoodness, it was delicious! 
After we returned to our apartment we had weekly planning, which we basically plan the entire next week, which takes about 3 hours.. So that was fun! 
Finally after the sun went down, the fireworks started. We had a tree blocking our view, but we were able to see a few! So that was a ton of fun!!

We didn't get to meet with any of our investigators this week, so that was a bummer.. But hopefully this coming week we can meet with them! There really isn't an update on them yet, but I'm sure this next week you'll have one! 

Transfers are this weekend as well, so we'll also find out this week if I stay in Ontario, or if I leave to a different area of California! I honestly love this area though, there are so many great people that I just love! You get so close to the people out here that they become like family. I'm pretty nervous for transfers though, I've been here for a while, so I'll probably leave.. But no matter what happens, I'll be exactly where Heavenly Father wants me to be! 

We also had interviews with our mission president this week! He's such a great guy! He just listens while we talk, and gives such great advice! There are a lot of missionaries out here, and he listens to every single one of them! What a blessing. 

I'm truly thankful to be able to be a missionary! You just learn so many things EVERY DAY! It's impossible to not learn anything. 
But something I've really learned is how aware Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are of me. They know each and every single one of us personally! Jesus Christ truly suffered the atonement for us, he died for us, and he knows everything that we've ever gone through! Sure life can be hard sometimes, there are always going to be ups and downs, but the atonement of Jesus Christ was SO much harder!! I'm so comforted to know that I don't have to be alone!! None of us are EVER alone!  I KNOW without a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ lives. That they LOVE us. We're here to learn, and to grow, and to prepare to meet God. And as we learn, and as we turn to him, they WILL be there!  
We're all so blessed. 

As for the funny moment of this week! We had interviews this week right? Well as I was walking across the room to meet with President, apparently I didn't walk very straight because he commented on how I can't walk in a straight line! For the rest of the week, I've been watching how I walk, and it's so true! I can't walk in a straight line! 
I guess it's not super funny.. But it was to me! ;) 

Anyways, I sure do love y'all!! Keep up the good work! 

Sister Bond

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