Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 15, 2014

Well, this was an exciting week!! We had more rain!! YAY! Thankfully the roads in the area I'm serving in are paved, otherwise we'd have mud everywhere! Haha! But none the less, this week was a good, productive week. 

We were able to visit with Phil and Tammy this week, and guess what! We were able to actually teach a lot during our lesson! WOOHOO!!!!! It was actually pretty great, we felt very accomplished afterwords, so that was a blessing! 

Marlee is also doing well, we're hoping that she'll get baptized either this Saturday or next, we're just waiting on a couple things, and she'll be good to go!! It'll more than likely be next Saturday though. So hopefully all works out!

We also had exchanges this week, meaning I was in a different area for the day with a different companion, so the sister I was with was from Alabama, so we were able to talk about all the foods we miss, or the southern things from back home! It was lots of fun, plus at the end of the day, we felt like we needed to get some frozen yogurt, so we went, and ended up talking to the worker there for like 30 minutes. Blessing? I think yes!! 

Its also been getting colder here, the mountains right next to us have snow on them! Real white fluffy snow. Everyone here is praying that it snows in Hesperia.. As for me.. I'm not quite sure  D: The cold here is super different from back home, its like its not as cold.. Its weird. So basically what I'm getting at is that I don't know what it'll do if it snows.  I think I'll probably just laugh and drink some hot chocolate. 

This weekend there was a community Christmas music festival that we got to usher at! And it was the coolest thing ever. Lots of local schools and churches from the community came together and sang Christmas songs, there were several different groups performing, and then they had everyone sing a few songs together, it was so much fun! 
And it made me super happy that it didn't matter what faith you were, but that we could all come together and worship Christ. 
It was also super cool when we were there because I got to see a few people from Apple Valley!!! It was a great night. 
Basically, I'm so thankful for this time of year that we can all come together and worship Christ, and that we're able to just love people a little bit more.
 I'm so thankful for the people in this area, they're always trying to find ways to brighten our day! One family even bought us a little itty bitty Christmas tree. 
I'm so thankful for kindness, how even though nobody is perfect, and I'm so far from perfect, that I'm able to serve others, and that others serve as well. 
When Christ was upon the earth, he was always going about serving others, so it would only make sense that if we want to be like Christ, we need to serve! And I don't know about y'all, but I love service. I love being able to try and brighten someones day. 
I know that I'm not perfect, and that I still make mistakes everyday, but I know I'm trying to follow the example of my Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ, and because he is always serving me and serving everyone around me, I want to do the same. I love Jesus Christ, and I'm so thankful to be able to have the Faith that I do. 
I would just encourage all y'all to really take this time of year, and serve and give. I heard a quote once that said "You'll be a lot happier in life if you can focus on what you can give, and not on what you can get"...... How true is that? If you want to be happy, simply give! :D 

And as for the funny moment this week? I have a couple! 
So the first one is.. We were coming out of an appointment, and it was before the rain came, but it was SUPER windy. I thought I was going to blow away. But we're walking outside the house and to the car and all the sudden a TRASH BAG starts to chase us!!!!! This bag was full of tumble weeds from earlier that day. So here we are, in our skirts and jackets trying to run from the wind and a trash bag starts chasing us all the way to the car. I never thought I would be scared of a trash bag until that very moment! Once we got into the car we just laughed. 
   For the next funny moment of the week, we were on exchanges and the area I was in was almost all dirt roads, so we were in a truck, which I'm not super used to, but anyways! We came out of our appointment, and the family we were visiting decided to walk us out to our truck, and I kept trying to open the door, and I couldn't get in, the sister I was with had already unlocked the door but I couldn't seem to open the door, so I asked if she knew why the door wasn't opening, when all the sudden, the husband of the family that we were visiting who just happens to be a sheriff tells me "because that's MY car"..... AWKWARD! I was trying to get into the wrong car. It reminded me of the time I did that at walmart back home when I tried getting into the wrong car... It was super awkward, but once I got into the correct car, I just started laughing. It was great. 
  And last but not least, I had a typical Sister Bond moment, we were coming in and I saw a black animal outside our apartment and I was very confused, but the conversation goes like this: 
Me: Sister Orr! Is that a skunk?!?!?! 
Sister Orr: No Sister Bond.. That's a cat... 
Good to know that I still have my moments! 

Well, I sure love y'all!!! Keep being great! And have a very merry week!!! 

Love y'all!! 

Sister Bond

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