Tuesday, December 30, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hey y'all! I don't have whole lot of time today, but just know that this week was good! You know you're working hard when you come home and your feet are bleeding! ;) Haha, but for reals. People actually met with us this week!! 

We had to drop Dawn this week, meaning that we'll visit her every now and then, but we wont be teaching her anymore, which is pretty sad.. BUT I can honestly say that I've done my best to help her, and I have faith that all will work out! 

We were able to see a few less actives, so that was wonderful!! One of the families I had never met before, but we found out later that the Elders have been working with them.. So it's a no go to go back! D: 

We've also been trying to do more walking, my knee is starting to get better so I don't have to limp anymore! It still starts to spazz a little bit.. BUT generally speaking, I can walk! YAY! 

We also got to help a family decorate for Halloween! That was lots of fun, we made decorations, then hung them up.. I don't know how to explain them though.. But the ones I made were little balloon ghost that had cheese cloth covering them.. I dunno, but they were super cute! Who knew I would learn how to make crafts on my mission? Lots of fun!

We also got to voulnteer at the animal shelter! We haven't done that in a couple of weeks, so it was nice being able to do more service there! I got a snazzy animal shelter shirt and everything! ;)

Something I've been learning more and more since I've been here on a mission (which I hit my 8 month mark yesterday! CRAZY!!!!) is how much God is aware of his children! There were two sisters that we felt like we needed to see this week, and as we visited with them, we found out why. 
Basically they're going through more trials than you can name. As we were visiting with them, I couldn't help but feel inadequate to help them, I didn't even know how to respond to them. Here I am, a 19 year old girl, trying to help these 30-40 year old sisters dealing with marital issues, baby issues, money issues, basically every kinda issue. BUT what I'm getting at is that I'm not the teacher, but the Spirit is. 
God knows his children, and he knows what they need to hear. He knows how to help his children, he helps us because he loves us. 
I don't even remember what I said when we were visiting with these sisters, and that's because I wasn't speaking, the spirit was. God was directing my words! Which is seriously the coolest feeling ever to be blessed with inspiration on how to serve these people. 
God knows us, and he knows how to comfort us. I know I pretty much say that every time I email, but it's the truth!!!!! Plain and simple. God loves us. And every day I'm amazed by how much he loves me. How he will always love me. 
He sent us to these people because he cares about them, and knew that they just needed someone to give them a hug and tell them that everything will be okay. 
Because everything WILL be okay, if it's not okay in the end, it's not the end. 
I'm thankful to be able to be an instrument in Gods hands, that I may only be 19, but God knows how to help 19 year olds to help others.  
Every day is seriously a miracle. 

As for the funny moment of the week, the other day we were driving delivering thank you cards, when all the sudden I have my second road kill. The first was a bird when I was in Ontario, and my second was a bunny. A cute little fluffy bunny. Yes, I did cry, which y'all know how much I dislike when I cry! And how much I love animals. Anyways, later that night Sister Richardson and I were talking about the dead bunny when all the sudden, the quote from Bambi came into my mind... "They call me thumper!" and all I could think about was how this bunny was a thumper! Horrible I know, but I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes.  Even writing this makes me laugh! 
...Then later that night we were driving with the windows down and a bug flew into my mouth.. Protein right? Wouldn't be the first time I've eaten bugs on my mission! But that story is for another day! ;) 

I sure love y'all!!! Keep working hard! I didn't hear about any miracles that happened this week, but I know y'all are having them!!! Love y'all!!! 


Sister Bond

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