Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

Hey there everyone!!! How are y'all?? I sure hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! 

Transfers have come and gone and I'm now with a new companion! Her name is Sister Stagg, shes from Utah and has been out for 4 1/2 months, so this is the first time I've had a companion that's been out shorter than me.. But I'm really excited, this area is a great area and I'm excited to show Sister Stagg around and am super excited to learn new things from her. 
    I will miss Sister Orr though! She was lots of fun to serve with, and I learned lots of things from her. Basically I just love learning, and learning from other people. Super duper awesome!! 

But like I said this week was pretty great! Lots of miracles! 

Monday we had a pretty awesome miracle! Sister Orr and I have been calling people in our area book to try and see if people might be interested in a Christmas message. Well, there is this one guy that told us that we could come and visit him sometime after the Holiday's, but we haven't been able to meet with him... ANYWAYS! Sister Orr and I went into a store that night to get some hot chocolate and guess what! This guy comes up to us and asks if we're the missionaries that he's been talking to on the phone and guess what! We are! So we were able to meet this man, and talk to him for a few minutes. Miracle? I THINK YES! :D

Tuesday we went Christmas caroling with the other missionaries serving here in Hesperia, and guess what! We went caroling to Marlees grandparents, and long story short.. MARLEE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!! Her Mom gave permission, and now she'll be baptized on January 31st, so I'm super duper excited. Plus, Christmas caroling is wonderful, so it was a win win situation! :) 

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, we went and did some service for a family in the area! We basically just did some yard work, but it was lots of fun! I love service! :D Then later that night we went to a families house for dinner which was super duper awesome! So we get there and the wife wasn't home yet, but the husband needed to go and buy a few more things for dinner, but there was food in the oven, so he left while we watched the food.. And took care of his baby pit-bull.. Yup! You read that right! The puppy was so stinkin cute!! It was only about 6 weeks old, so we just held it in a blanket and watched dinner cook. It was quite fun. Plus dinner was delicious, so it all worked out!!

Thursday, CHRISTMAS!!! So, Christmas was pretty awesome!!! Christmas morning we got together with other missionaries in the area and went to a members house and had Christmas breakfast, while there we took pictures, the Elders (boy missionaries) sang a few songs, and really just enjoyed Christmas. After the party, I got to skype home!! It was pretty great being able to see my beautiful family! I just love them! Everyone is getting so big though. Its pretty weird. 
But after skyping home, we went out to iHop for dinner, and visited a few people. 

Not a whole lot happened the rest of the week, I ended up getting the flu, so I was in bed all day, but life is good! 

I'm so thankful for this past year that I've had, its crazy to think about how much has happened, and how I've been on my mission for almost an entire year, but with that, I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ and being able to share with others the love he has for each of us. I love being able to be a representative of him. I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and that he loves us. I'm excited to bring in this new year with the knowledge that I have of my Savior. As a missionary you set goals everyday, and you keep track of these goals, and sometimes it gets discouraging when you don't meet the goals you set, or when things don't go the way you want, but when that happens, I'm thankful for Jesus Christ, because I know that hes already felt everything that I feel, every pain, every struggle, everything, He has felt that. And as I continue to set goals, and as I bring in this new year and try to be a little bit better, I know that he will be there every step of the way. 
If you think about it, if you try to be 1% better everyday, for 365 days, just thing about what you can become. Anyways, there is a short video that I would just invite each of y'all to watch, it just touches on new years, setting goals, and on Jesus Christ and how wonderful he is, I'll attach the link right here :) http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=910930409001

As for the funny moment of the week, it actually happened this morning! So when we went to the mission office this morning to pick up Sister Stagg, so there are tons of missionaries there! So I see a friend of mine, and get all excited and sneak up behind her and give her a big hug! But guess what. Its not who I think it is. #awkward. So here I am, hugging someone that I don't know, I'm very good at making awkward situations though, but after I realized that this wasn't the person I thought she was, I start talking to her and find out that the stranger I was hugging is Sister Stagg! My new companion!!! So it all turned out to be okay, but for a minute, it was pretty awkward. Now we just laugh at our first moment of meeting each other. Haha! Good times! 

Well y'all, I sure hope that y'all have a safe New year!!!! And a great one! Thank you so much to everyone that wished me a Merry Christmas, or sent me stuff!! I'm so thankful to have so many people in my life that I care about! I sure love y'all!!! 

Sister Bond

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