Tuesday, December 30, 2014

September 22, 2014

Hey there family! Goodness gracious this transfer is going by SO fast! 
I forgot my planner today, which my planner kinda reminds me of what all happened during the week.. So right now I don't remember a lot! BUT! It was a pretty great week! Not every appointment canceled, so that was a miracle in itself! WOOTWOOT! 

We haven't been able to visit Dawn at all this week.. So it seems like something might be up.. So that's a little bit worrisome.. But I have faith that all will work out!! Plus it's not my work, but Heavenly Father's work, so of course it will work out!! 

This week we walked a lot more, and biked some more! So that was pretty great! I love just being a missionary and walking and talking and meeting new people. It's probably one of the greatest parts of being a missionary. MEETING PEOPLE! AHH I just love it so much! I can't believe I've been out for 7 WHOLE MONTHS! Crazy!!!! It seriously goes by WAY too fast. Sister Bond does not approve. 

We did meet a new less active this week though! Her father just passed away a month or two ago, so she expressed how lonely she's felt, and how she's just been really struggling... She was extremely receptive to us coming by, and just such a sweet, sweet lady! We're planning on visiting with her again this week! We might be getting frozen yogurt with her...And who doesn't like frozen yogurt? Haha and people wonder why missionaries gain weight.. I blame the frozen yogurt... ANYWAYS I'm praying that all goes well with her!!!!! 

So a pretty cool experience! We went to go visit a 15 year old in our congregation that's pretty less active.. We normally have a set appointment with her every week so we wen't over on Thursday like we normally do to visit her.. Well we knocked on the door and no answer.. Rang the door bell, no answer.. Finally after trying both knocking and ringing the door bell a few times, we called her mom to see if we could still visit, her mom told us how she personally wasn't home, but that S. Is,  she told us to walk around the house because she might be in the back yard feeding the horses.. So we walk around like TOTAL creepers trying to find S. Still no luck. So we walked back to the front yard, and neither Sister Richardson nor I felt like we should leave, so we just sat on the chairs in their front yard and called a few people back.. About 5 minutes later, S. comes running out saying how she totally forgot we were coming. If we had left, we totally would've missed out on seeing her! And guess what. IT WAS A AWESOME LESSON! 
The Spirit man!! Haha, it was super cool!  

We also had what is called Stake Conference, which is when different congregations from a geographical area come together and worship with one another, in this case all the congregations in Apple Valley came and met with one another. SUPER COOL! Plus, President and Sister Hobbs came, so we got to visit with them for a little bit! Goodness gracious I just love those people, they're seriously just so sweet and encouraging, I just love them!  

Anyways, at Stake Conference, they did something really cool! They had a special session for anyone who was investigating the church, had recently joined the church, or who have recently become active in the church. In this meeting, they had everyone introduce themselves, and then we all talked about how much God loves us, and how proud he is of each of us! SUPER LEGIT! Then they taught on how it's truly such a wonderful blessing to be able to be a member of this Church. I'm so thankful for that! 

I'm so thankful for just the love and support our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I'm thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. 
I'm thankful for the Bible. 
I'm thankful for the power of prayer! 
As you can tell, I'm thankful for MANY things! And I could go ON AND ON about how thankful I truly am!!! Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and has such a WONDERFUL plan for each of us!!! Everyday I'm humbled because I see how much God loves his Children, how much he's truly aware of each of us, and how he's SO willing to help us. 
I think it's remarkable to know that if God wanted to, he could EASILY accomplish his work, easy peasy lemon squeezy, no biggie. BUT instead, he chooses to have IMPERFECT humans practice their agency (or their power to choose) and help and serve others! God works with imperfect people, for us to be humble, and for us to learn, which is a huge part of us coming to this earth! To learn and to grow!! Heavenly Father is brilliant and loves us so very much! What a wonderful plan that he is, and I can truly say that I love my Heavenly Father, I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. They both live and love us too! 

And on that note! For the funny moment of the week, Sister Richardson and I were out knocking doors when we met a man, we started out just talking about work, and life, the usual, then we of course brought up religion because you know.. I'm a missionary! Anyways, we started talking about our message about Jesus Christ. And this man stops us to tell us that we're wrong and that the Aliens are running the universe and how the Aliens control every move we make, and how they're going to take over the world. 
Haha, it was the hardest thing to keep a straight face!!!! Aliens, sure, no biggie definitely a possibility, but the fact that they're going to take over the world... It made me laugh a little bit. Hahaha! 

Anyways family! I sure love y'all so much!!! I'm so thankful to be here serving the Lord every single day! I pray for y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!! 


Sister Bond

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