Tuesday, December 30, 2014

September 29, 2014

Well family, this week was pretty eventful! For starters, I learned that you always have something to be thankful for! No matter what! 

The week started out the usual, we were biking most of the week, and got our car back from the Elders on Thursday. 
When we got the car back we noticed that my GPS and a few other items were missing.. Eventually we came to the conclusion that the Elders forgot the lock the car and was broken into.
BUT THANKFULLY no actual harm came to the car, and nobody was injured! Plus, everything they took is replaceable!  So that's something to be thankful for! 
Plus, I learned how to file a police report! I never thought I'd learn that on my mission, but hey! It works! 
And no worries for the Elders. They've apologized lots of times and offered to buy me back everything they took. I don't think I'll let them buy everything though. That's a lot of money and I would feel bad.. BUT the thought was there, so we're good!!

And another thing to be thankful for! SPARE KEYS! Legit. Everyone should have one. 
Saturday morning Sister Richardson and I went out to our car after doing service at the animal shelter and realized that I had left the keys in the trunk. Meaning we were locked out. But, guess what! Even when you're locked outside your car, there are things to be thankful for!!!!! 
I'm thankful that the assistants to the mission president were able to drive up from the mission office with a spare key. 
I'm thankful for the members and missionaries that went out of their way to give us rides when it was super far to walk. 
I'm thankful for a companion that still stayed positive even though there was a kink in our plans for the day. 
There is always something to be thankful for! 

As of the rest of the week, it was pretty uneventful, we haven't been able to meet with Dawn, and she hasn't let us have any contact with her.. BUT, I'm thankful that I've been able to meet Dawn! She's taught me lots of things, and is such a sweet person, so I'm thankful that even though we haven't seen her in forever, I still have memories with her!

I'm also thankful for bikes! I honestly love being on a bike. When biking in a skirt, you get the greatest looks and comments, we get to talk to more people, and I feel so much more productive, plus I get some exercise! WOOTWOOT! 
I know this area has been talked about for making it a biking area for sisters.. So we'll see what happens! 

We find out about transfers this Saturday, and I'm hoping I stay! I truly love this area! I love the people here, I love the weather, (weird right?) and I love my companion! So I'm hoping that I can stay another transfer. 

We also had the General Women's meeting this weekend! That was pretty awesome! I'm thankful to have the knowledge I do, that I am a daughter of God, and that no matter what, I'm loved by my earthly parents, as well as my Heavenly Father!  
That's one of the main things I learned, that it doesn't matter how many followers we have on social media, or if I'm popular, not popular, how many times I mess up in life, how many times things go wrong, it doesn't matter if I lock my keys in the car. Those things don't matter! What matters is that God loves me. What matters is that we are ALL Gods children. No matter what we do, no matter what happens, God still loves me. I'm thankful to be able to know that. I'm thankful to be able to share that message with others, that GOD LOVES US.  

As for the funny moment of the week, I have a couple that I thought were hilarious! 
First, on Wednesday Sister Richardson and I were biking to dinner, we couldn't find the house... So we called the family that we were eating with, only to find out that we were on the complete opposite side of Apple Valley that we needed to be at. SO we ended up being 45 minutes late to dinner.. Who knew there were two streets with the same name? The family was fine with us being late, thank goodness! It was a great thing to laugh about! 

The other funny moment of the week! Once a year, the primary (children ages 3-12 of the ward/congregation) put on a program the first hour of church. Mostly singing songs about Christ, and sharing simple truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anyways, this past Sunday was the primary program! And there was this one boy that every song, he would stand up and start dancing and making some hilarious facial expressions! While all the rest of the children are standing, being reverent and singing, here is this little boy just singing his little heart out and dancing all around! It just made my day!  

Anyways! Hopefully this week we don't have any car issues! ;) I sure love y'all and am SO thankful for all the love and support y'all send me! I'm thankful to have such a wonderful life! 
I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!!! 

Sister Bond

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