Tuesday, December 30, 2014

November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!! Even though I'm a few days early, I wont have another chance to write until after Thanksgiving, but hopefully all will go well and y'all are all safe and eat lots and lots of food! 

So since it's Thanksgiving this week I decided I should write about the things I'm thankful for from this week. Imagine that! :D BUT first things first! 

1) I'm thankful to have a super cool companion! Sister Orr and I are pretty similar so we work well together. 

2) I'm thankful to be in a super cool area! I do miss Apple Valley, but this area is pretty awesome so far! This week was mostly spent with my meeting everyone, there are a lot of elderly people in the area, which is pretty cool! 

3) I'm thankful for our investigators! (The people that we're teaching)..... We have two that we're working with. 
 One is Marlee, she's 10 years old and is super duper cool!!! She wants to get baptized before Sister Orr leaves, so that should happen this transfer! 
We're also teaching a man named Phil, his wife isn't very active in church, but we're able to teach both of them. Phil talks a lot, so its always interesting when we get to meet with him! But I'm super thankful to be here and to be able to teach people! It's awesome!!!!! 

4) I'm thankful for Blake and Bella! They're two kids that just got baptized a month ago. They're pretty cool. Bella is the sweetest little girl ever, she's super hyper so there is never a dull moment. It's the best! We actually had dinner with their family yesterday and it was so much fun!  

5) I'm so thankful to be able to serve a mission. Legit, it's the coolest thing ever! 
This will be my first Holiday season away from home, and I'll get to spend it as a missionary.  I've been blessed with so many things, my life, my family, my clothes, food, chocolate, nutella, zumba.. SO many things! The list goes on and on! But how great is it that I get to spend my Thanksgiving and Christmas serving others. And being able to serve the one who gave me so many blessings! 
   I remember several years ago for Christmas my family wrote a note of something we could give the Savior for Christmas and putting that note in a little box, this week I was thinking about that, and how this year I want to do the same thing. I truly want to give all of my efforts to the Lord this season. I'm so blessed! I just want to serve others. I love being a missionary, I love being able to share the love I have for Jesus Christ with others. 
I know with all my heart that Christ lives, and that he gives us so many blessings, and that when we serve others, we're only in the service of our God. 

6) I'm thankful to have happiness! And for the little things that make me laugh everyday. 
We were visiting Blake and Bella, and it was when I was first meeting them and I had told them that I'm from Georgia, and all the sudden Bella yells "talk Texan to me!" Now whenever I see her she asks me to speak "cowgirl" to her. 
Life is good. Especially when you can speak cowgirl. 
Another thing that makes me happy is when I see bags of sand (questionable?) on a roof and I think that they're turkeys. Legit, we were out knocking doors and I see these bags on a roof and immediately think that they're frozen turkeys.. I  think I'm excited for thanksgiving. 

Anyways!!! I am so thankful for so many things!!! I hope y'all stay safe this Thanksgiving and remember all the things you're thankful for! Caution! When you start counting your blessings, you wont be able to stop! ;) 

Love y'all!!! Have a great week!!

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