Tuesday, December 30, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hey y'all!!! Hows everything back in Georgia? Are the trees gorgeous? 
This week was good! It started out pretty rough, but it turned out to be a pretty good week!!
I'm not allowed to ride a bike for a while. I'm having knee issues again, but I'll be fine. Hopefully in the future I can be on a bike again!!
But guess what! We actually had a lesson with Dawn!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! It was just a simple lesson on her front porch, but hey, we got to see her!! MIRACLE! I think yes! 
She's still really flaky, and hard it get in contact with.. But we have a little contact, so it works!
We also started teaching a 7 year old that is preparing to be baptized, so that's a miracle! K. is an adorable active kid! It makes me miss teaching in primary though! 
Its fun teaching K. because its helping me to remember to teach simply again! Plus it means we're at least teaching someone! MIRACLE!
We've also been trying something new! We've been taking cookies to less active members of the congregation! Who can say no to cookies? 
We haven't taken them to a lot of people yet, but we tried it yesterday and another miracle happened! 
We've been trying to visit this sister for a few weeks, but she's never let us in her home, so we baked her cookies and guess what! She let us in!! We were able to visit with her for just a few minutes and it was wonderful! Cookies make miracles yo! I'm excited to bake more cookies.. Part of it's because I enjoy taking cookies to people.. The other part of it's because I really like cookie dough! :D
We also did some painting this week! That was fun! We've been trying to do more service, so we were able to help a family paint their home this week! Lots of fun! 

Oh! Y'all ready for a super cool miracle? 
Okay, so a few weeks ago a member told us to visit her friend before she left on her mission, her name will be Cherrie. So us being you know.. Missionaries.. We went to go and visit Cherrie!
When we visited her, she was very polite, wasn't very interested in our message, but requested us to get the members address that had just left on her mission. So we did, and visited with her again, but this time invited her to come to church.  She said in the future she might take us up on the offer, but that she would let us know. 
We told our ward mission leader (the man that basically watches over missionaries in the area) and he had told us that just a few days ago he found a letter written to him from Cherrie about 5 years ago. He has no idea how the letter came up, he just found it one day. Anyways, our ward mission leader said that he would love to visit with Cherrie because this was a very touching letter and he would like to visit with her. 
So we called Cherrie up so we could tell her, and she was extremely excited to hear that we knew this man! So now we have another appointment to visit with Cherrie. 
MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father truly works miracles! It was no coincidence that this man just happened to stumble across this letter. 
I have faith that there are more miracles to come forth!   Heavenly Father is so kind to me!
Y'all, I KNOW that Heavenly Father answers prayers. It doesn't matter where you are, you could be on the bathroom floor, in your closet, in the car, or by your bedside. You can pray anytime and anywhere. I know with all my heart that God loves us so much to listen to our prayers.
The past few weeks have been pretty rough with one trial after another, and I KNOW that Heavenly Father heard every single prayer that I spoke to him! And that he continues to listen to my prayers! He's given me so much comfort, and so much hope, I know that God lives and listens. There is no prayer to small to speak to him. There is no prayer to crazy speak to him. 
Any prayer, anywhere, he listens.   
It comforts me to know that God loves me, but that he not only loves me, but he loves every single one of us. And he loves to hear from us more than we know.  I'm so thankful for prayer, God knows me, and I know that he listens. 
Some days are just hard. And without prayer, they're harder. Prayer works. It is ALWAYS, always there for you. For me. For he, and for she, prayer is always there.
Now, with that, we had a pretty funny experience! 
One day Sister Richardson and I just needed some frozen yogurt. So we were sitting in a pavilion after we got our froyo, and this man came up to me and asked where subway was. So I got up and pointed out directions for where he needed to go to get to subway. Anyways, he was very appreciative because before I knew it he gave me a big hug and a kiss on my head. 
Me being me shook his hand and went back to eating my froyo. Eventually this man came out with his sandwich and thanked me again, and yes, he did give me another kiss on the head. 
Sometimes I wonder if Elders (boy missionaries) have this problem. Haha, #sistermissionariestruggles 
Anyways, it was hilarious after it happened!
Well everyone, I love y'all, I'm thankful to be a missionary, I'm thankful to be in this area, and I'm so thankful to be able to see so many miracles all around me! 
I love y'all!!!
Have a great week!!!!!!!

Sister Bond

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