Sunday, August 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Goodness gracious, transfer week is always such a crazy week!! I hope that all is well and that y'all had a great week!!!

So for starters, I just got a new companion and am now a sister training leader!! Meaning my companion and I are over all the sister missionaries in Hesperia, part of Victorville, and I'm not sure what else.. Things have been changed around, so maybe next week I'll have more of an idea of what I'm doing! But I'll be going on exchanges with other sisters 2-3 times a week, and will be giving a lot more training's and going to a lot more meetings! I feel pretty inadequate, but I know that this is a calling from The Lord, and I'm excited to grow and to serve so many more people!
  I will be staying with my new companion in Hesperia, her name is Sister Cromwell, she's from Idaho, and we actually started our missions together so we're already good friends, so I'm way excited! I will miss Sister Stagg though, we had so much fun together and worked hard. I'm gonna miss her! But I'm excited for this new adventure!

For the rest of the week, it was good! We're still trying to work with Nicole! Goodness gracious, I just love her! She's going through some rough patches, but whenever I see her I see how much faith she has, and it's incredible.

We also met with Bethanie this week, she's had a lot of questions on testimony, and recognizing the spirit, so that's what we based our lesson on, and holy pooh nuggets! Such a powerful lesson!!!! Probably one of my favorite lessons on my mission, just because the spirit was so strong. I know that it wasn't me teaching, but it was the spirit.

We have a couple of potential people to teach that we're also really trying to focus on, and work with. Ones name is Kenneth, he's pretty old, but went to BYU when he was young, so its been fun to talk to him! He has a lot of knowledge about Mormons, so we're hoping to start teaching him soon.

We were also able to do service a squash farm! Just like the one in Apple Valley! It was great being able to do service there. Just as I remembered, we were nice and dirty afterwords! :)

Really, I'm just so thankful to be out here serving The Lord and being able to proclaim his gospel.
I have a testimony that The Lord calls the weak and the simple to do his work, especially with this new assignment! I see myself, and I see how many weaknesses I have, or so many things I can improve on, or do better on, but I know that concerns are just opportunity's to grow.
I remember at the beginning of my mission just feeling so inadequate, but I have a testimony that The Lord will strengthen us! He's helped me thus far on my mission! And look at me! I've been out for almost a year now! ;) But really, I know that when we turn to The Lord that he does strengthen us. I know that Christs grace is sufficient for each and every single one of us.
I know that Christ lives, and I know that this is his church restored to the earth.
I know that we have a Heavenly Father that lives, and loves us. And that this is his work, and its to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.
   Life gets kinda scary at times, and it seems like there is always something just around the corner, but I know that Christ is with us at every single turn.. And that he always will be! I love this work, and I love Jesus Christ, and I know that through him, he will strengthen and uplift us with all things.

Well y'all, for the funny moment of the week, the other day I was looking for my scissors, and I couldn't find them! I always keep them in one of two places and they weren't in either! For one of the places, I always keep them in a box with all my pens, pencils, and so forth. Well, I checked there and the other place and couldn't find them. So I asked Sister Stagg if she had seen them.. Well she hadn't, so I went back and checked some more.. Well they still weren't there and I was pretty annoyed that I couldn't find them! Well, I decided that I might as well organize this box of pens, so I dumped all of them out, put them back all nice and organized and went on with the rest of the morning.
Well, about 5 minutes later, I found a pen that I forgot to put away, so I opened my box and there my scissors are. Sitting nicely laid right on top of my pens and pencils. I had my scissors with me the entire time. I must be getting old or something! And of course I thought that Sister Stagg was just playing a prank on me so I didn't believe her for most of the day when she told me it wasn't her.. Hahaha, lets just say it was something we laughed about the entire week!!

Well y'all! Again, I'm so thankful to be out here! Time is flying by and it'll only go by faster! I love every second of being out here though! I'm excited for these new adventures I have ahead of me.

Love y'all!!!! Have a great week!!!

Sister Bond :) 

The attached pictures are with me and my new companion, Sister Cromwell, then also one with Sister Stagg, we have a sign that says "Swaggle07 a team a righteousness" so we thought we should put it in our last picture together.

LOVE Y'ALL!!!! :)


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