Sunday, August 9, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hey there everyone! Did you know that I never know how to start these emails? You would think after being out for nearly 13 months I would know how. But anyways! This week was great! Today starts a new transfer and I'm staying again! With the same companion!! That hasn't happened for a super long time. Which means at the end of this transfer I'll have been here for 6 months! Breaking my records man! Its crazy! But I'm super excited to stay! I love Hesperia and the people here.

As for this week, we saw some more tender mercies! One of the first being that we found a new investigator! Her name is Laura, she's the one that I wrote about last week, she said that she realized that she wanted her kids to have God in their life, so she asked to meet with us. So we went back and taught her the message of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we're going back tonight, so I'm praying that things go well!! Shes one that we have to take it kinda slow, but I'll take it! It was a huge blessing!

Another miracle happened! So once upon a time we did service at a place called food ministries, which is where we package and hand out food to low income people or to homeless people, and its all free. So we were doing service there this week and we were talking to a lady that we met previous who said that she was baptized and lost contact with the church. Well, this week while we were talking with her we got her information and found out that she lives in our area!!!!!! #tendermercy So now we get to go back and see her. Plus while we were there, one of the ladies that organizes this project invited us over for lunch!!! Tender mercies are everywhere!!!

We also went on exchanges and mini exchanges this week. The day we did the full 24 hour exchange every appointment we had canceled on us and then nobody wanted to talk with us.. But we were able to work hard and do our best! And in return we were able to feel the spirit the entire day. Which was another tender mercy.

Legit, I'm so thankful for all of the tender mercies that are everywhere! It sure does make things a lot better seeing how many tender mercies that are everywhere. One being able to know that God loves me. And knowing that because he loves me, and because he wants me to learn, he has provided scripture, The Bible and The book of Mormon. Both of which testify of Christ and his teachings! I know that as we study the life of Christ, and study his teachings that we can increase our faith in him.
A goal that I just set yesterday was to be more like Christ, obviously its a goal that a lot of people strive for, of course we want to become better people, and we want to grow, but what actions do we really take to put our goals into action? Well, for me if I want to be like Christ, I should probably know him more. So my plan is to study him, and study his teachings, and by doing so I'm hoping to become more like him. I'm so thankful for the example that Christ is to me. I'm thankful to know that Christ is my friend! I'm so thankful for Christ and the love he gives me. I know that he lives, and I know that he loves me.
I'm excited to hopefully have an increased faith in him, and to study his teachings more. Every morning we study the scriptures for 2 hours, one personally, and one with my companion, and I know that by studying, and feasting upon with words of Christ, I have come so much closer to him, and I know that by continually feasting upon his words, I can come even closer to him.

Well y'all for the funny moment of the week.. So once upon a time we were on exchanges and we were about to get out of the car to try and meet some people when all the sudden the sister I was with sees a water fountain.. The conversation goes like this:
SS:Look at that fountain! It has bunnies on it!!!
Me: What? No.. Those are  naked ladies...
SS: No! It has pointy ears!!
Me: No.. Those are arms..
SS: Oh... awkward.
    Its moment like these where I just laugh.

Well y'all, I sure hope y'all have a great week!! Love you!!! Keep the faith up!

~Sister Bond :)

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