Sunday, August 9, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hey there everyone!! So, I've been transferred. I'm no longer in the high desert! Which is kinda sad, but I'm excited to learn from the people in the Valley. I'm now serving in Rancho Cucamonga, I'm covering a young single adult ward, and a family ward, and I'm still a sister training leader! And we cover 4 more companionships than I did when I was in Hesperia!!! So I feel like this transfer is going to go by even faster than it normally does. 
    My new companion is from Tonga, she goes home a month and a half before me, which I only have 4 months left, so I might be her last companion. I'm not sure how to spell her name, but I think its Sister Vianuku, but I think I might be wrong.. But I think we'll get along just great!!! 
      I am pretty sad about leaving Hesperia though, I truly loved that ward, and I loved the people there, there were so many people that touched my heart, and have made an impact on my life. 
One day I hope to go back and visit!

As for this week, not a whole lot of exciting things happened, we had a walking day on Tuesday, which was great! I'm going to have a sick tan by the time I get off my mission. 

Wednesday we were on exchanges, I went to the Spanish ward, so most of the day I nodded my head, but I did learn how to contact someone in Spanish!! Now I can actually say that I'm a missionary. Remember that one time I tried to contact a guy in Spanish only to find out he was Chinese? Good times.. Good times! But something that I learned on exchanges was just the importance of listening to people and actually caring about the people that you see, so that's something I hope I can get better at!
Thursday we were able to do service at whats called The Lords Table, where we basically feed homeless people, or people of low income. Which I honestly love doing, some of the people that come in are just so nice and kind, there were a couple crazy people this past week, but it was still great being able to go out and serve and meet more people.
Saturday we did more service, this time it was for a member, she rents out homes, and one of the homes she rents out was trashed! I mean garbage all over the yard, chewed tobacco spit on the ground, and holes in the walls. Stuff like that, so we were able to go and clean, so I'm thankful for that, the person we did it for was super thankful! She has a lot of health issues, along with everyone in her family, so just doing little simple things meant so much to her. It was great! 
Well, something that was a great reminder to me was how much Heavenly Father loves me. And how he has his hand in everything! Yesterday I prayed to know that this was Heavenly Fathers will for me go leave Hesperia, and sure enough, in church on Sunday I felt so comforted in knowing that I did the work I needed to do, and that Heavenly Father has greater things in store. 
   I know that Heavenly Father loves each of us and is aware of each of us, and that he has perfect timing. I know that Heavenly Father loves us so much to let us grow. Even when its hard to grow, I know that growing is whats best for us, and that we were sent here to this earth to grow, so growing is essential! 
    I know that Jesus Christ went through everything that I have ever gone through, and that he there to help us, and to strengthen us. I know that his Atonement is real, and that it enables us and strengthens us. 
I finished reading from the book of Luke this week, and goodness gracious, it just put into perspective how much Christ loves me, and how obedient he is to his Father. 
 I want each of y'all to know how much I love you, and  how much I love my Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. I know that we can rely on him, and he will help us. 
     I know that we can find joy from Jesus Christ, not just happiness, but joy. Joy is eternal, and through Jesus Christ, we can have joy. I love Christ, and I know that he has brought me joy.
I also slacked a little bit at writing down what was funny this week... So next week I'll have to do two funny things!
But I sure love y'all!!! I'm so thankful for y'all and for the love and support y'all have given me. I'm truly so thankful for so many people.
Love y'all!!!
Sister Bond
Attached are the pictures of me and my new companion! Also one with Sister Cromwell
Love y'all!!! Have a great week!!

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