Sunday, August 9, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hey there everyone! Goodness gracious this was such a great week!! SO many miracles!!! 
We don't have a lot of time left, so I'll probably just write a few of the miracles.
So first off, transfers have come! Sister Vainuku and I are staying together again, so I'm really excited about that. She is a great Sister!
As for the miracles! 
So, on Tuesday we receive a text from a girl in the YSA ward, her name is Maddie. Shes been coming to church for a year now, reads from the Book of Mormon, prays and comes to church. She just hasn't been baptized. Well, she texted us and asked us to come and see her the next day, so we did and found out that she wants to start taking the lessons!!!! So, we were able to see her a couple times this week, she hasn't said anything about baptism yet. But I know its coming, its going to happen! I can feel it. She already has such a strong testimony of the gospel and knows its true. So I'm really excited to start teaching her.
Miracle number two! Once upon a time we received a referral for a girl named Tia, again in the YSA ward, some missionaries contacted her at the park and sent in the referral to go and see her. So we did, and found out that she is SUPER prepared!!! We taught her the restoration right then and there, and invited her to pray about the things we taught to find out if they're true or not, and she looked at us with tears in her eyes and told us that she already knows that its true. She then kept telling us about how she was feeling the spirit, and how God was working with her, and how he sent us to her. She will be getting baptized on July 18th!!! MIRACLE!!!!! Legit, she is SO prepared! But guess what else is a miracle with her! She is from Atlanta! And she will be moving back to Georgia in September. That's when I go home!! So even after my mission I'll be able to see her, and keep in touch!!!! #homegirlsaywhat? #miracle 
   It was one of those times where you just look at  your companion in total shock as to what just happened because you know that it was a miracle from God in knowing that he truly does love each of his children and knows each of us personally.
Miracle number three! There is a less active family in the family ward that we've been teaching, and they came to church yesterday! But the real miracle is that they have a son that's old enough to serve a mission and just decided that he wanted to go on a mission. #what? Yup. They've been on and off less active for a long time, and now their son wants to go on a mission!
Miracle number four we were out trying to find an address, so we were just on the sidewalk looking when we see a man trimming his bushes, so we say hello and start talking with him, and the next thing we know hes giving us TONS of the food hes been growing! Like peaches, tomatoes, pumpkins, lettuce.. You name it, and he probably had it! He said we could go back in the future, which nobody ever says!
Miracle number five, we were out knocking doors before our dinner appointment and met a guy named Ben, and he was super nice and said we could come back, next thing we know we're at dinner and talking to the family about their neighbor named Ben, and now we're going to have desert with them and Ben and hopefully start teaching him! #membermissionaryworkmiracle
Miracle number six, I guess this was more of a tender mercy slash just good day, we were able to bike an entire day, and were able to talk with lots of people! Simply just doing missionary work. Pure hard work! It was one of those days were half the day we were biking uphill basically the entire day and you're just super sweaty and just want to walk, but you bike the entire day and come home at night and just feel good because you knew you worked super hard!
Well y'all, those were just some of the miracles from this week, I'm so thankful for them, and I know that they are out there. I know that Heavenly Father loves us, and gives us miracles, Sister Vainuku and I were talking about how much joy miracles give us, and it only made me wonder how much joy Heavenly Father feels when he sees us so happy. This morning I was reading in my studies, and I came across this scripture, but some background to it, there is a man named Lehi, who was told in a vision that Jerusalem was going to be destroyed, so to leave, and Lehi being kind and charitable, was prophesying to the people that it was going to be destroyed. Well, the people decided that they didn't like that, so they rejected Lehi and wanted to kill him. 
But they didn't. But I love the reaction of Nephi, Lehi's son, in stead of being angry with the people, he testifies of tender mercies. The scripture says "And when the Jews heard these things they were angry with him; yea, even as with the prophets of old, whom they had cast outand stoned, and slain; and they also sought his life, that they might take it away. But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." 
     I know that like Nephi, that miracles and tender mercies are everywhere, I know that as we acknowledge the miracles, that we will begin to see even more miracles. I know that as we are full of faith, which means to continually act on our faith, that we can participate in miracles.
I know that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, and that we are here to have joy. 
  I love my Father in Heaven and I know that he loves me and that he lives. I know that as we begin to know him, we will begin to know our purpose. 

Well y'all, as for the funny moment, it goes along with my story a couple weeks ago with the dishwasher... Well, a little bit anyways. Once upon a time our shower floor is super gross. So me being the smart person that I am decided that since we didn't have bleach, toilet cleaner would be the next best thing! So I grabbed the toilet cleaner and poured it all over the shower floor and decided I would let it sit over night and it would be an easy clean in the morning. Well.. I learned that when you do that, your shower floor turns yellow. Yup. I don't really know why, but the cleaner turned it yellow! So now it looks even better than before! Haha! But at least now I'm learning these things now that will help me in the future! #goodtimes

Well y'all, I love y'all!!! Look for all the miracles and be sure to send them to me!!!!
Thanks for everything y'all do!!!
Have a great week!!!

Sister Bond

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