Sunday, August 9, 2015

January 22, 2015

Why hello there!! First off, I know it's not Monday, which is my normal emailing day, but today we're going to the Temple! So our preparation day got changed to today but next week everything will be back to normal! :) 

But Last week was pretty good! We had a few exciting things happen. This week I've been pretty sick, and have been inside since Sunday, just a fever and migraine.. But thank goodness I have a great companion that takes care of me! ;) I've been sleeping a lot the last few days, but I woke up once and saw that Sister Stagg made a blanket fort while I was asleep.. Its good to know shes still staying normal even when I'm sick and in bed. 

But last week! It feels like forever ago. But  We ended up having zone conference, so lots of the missionaries in the desert got together for different training's! It was super great! There was a super cool miracle that happened! So back when I was with Sister Orr I lost my name tag, super duper devastating right?  Its my identity! Thank goodness I had another one, but I preferred my other one much more. Anyways, on with the miracle! So I lost it like forever ago, and I checked everywhere, and prayed TONS that I would find this tag. Well, Sister Hobbs comes up to me at zone conference and asks me "Sister Bond, have you lost a name tag?" HALLELUJAH!!!!! A guy that was cleaning the church found my name tag. Like 5 weeks later!!! So it just proved to me that prayers are answered! Even if it takes a little bit more time, and even if its as small as something as missing a name tag, prayers are answered! 

We also found a new investigator! So someone new to teach! Her name is Diana, I met her once last transfer, but she hasn't been taught anything in a super long time, but she seems like she really wants to learn more, so I'm praying that all goes well!! :) 

Because I've been sick we've had to cancel all of our appointments, but just know that phone contact is a blessing when you're sick! Therefore, everyone else is doing well :) 

But, something that I've been learning is super handy dandy to have when you're down is Faith!!! Even when you're not down! Faith is the key! That is something that the mission has really been pushing, is to have faith, and to expect miracles. And because of that, we've totally been seeing miracles! :) But faith is totally something that helps in keeping me going, faith that we'll find people to teach, faith that we'll have a good day, or even faith that I wont be sick anymore of a long time! ;) But I know that faith proceeds miracles. We don't always know why we're doing something, or why we should do something, but by having faith to do what we know to be true, or having faith that we should obey Gods commandments brings so many blessings. I have faith that Heavenly Father loves me, and I have faith in his son Jesus Christ. I know that by following their teachings, and by following what they ask us to do, we will be blessed. 
Sorry I'm kinda everywhere today, I think I still have my sick brain.. But hopefully something I write makes sense! 

As for the funny moment of the week, it was also kinda a cool little miracle! We were on exchanges, so I was with a different sister for the day, but we stayed in my area, and at the end of the day we evaluate what we learn and so forth.. So we were evaluating things when I got the impression that we needed to go somewhere public to do so, so we went to Mcdonalds and got an ice cream there. When we were leaving this lady stops us and asks if we're mormon missionaries, of course we say yes! So we start talking to her, and he drunk brother right next to her. 
Well, this drunk man really took a liking to me, because all he could say is "you're so beautiful with your long blond hair" He then told me "You have a big gold ring on your finger, you must have a nice husband!" when I wasn't even wearing any ring.. Then he told me I look like his X-wife... It was probably the funniest thing that happened to me in a long time. it was pretty great. But when we were leaving, I felt like we needed to say a prayer with them, so I  asked if we could pray with them and they said yes, so we all grabbed hands and prayed together. In the middle of Mcdonalds. When we said amen, they were both in tears, so I knew that at least for her, the spirit touched her heart! He was super duper drunk though.. So I don't know if he really knew what was going on.. But needless to say, it was an exciting night at Mcdonalds! Oh! He also asked me to go drinking with him.. Good times.. Good times... 

Well y'all! Sorry I'm a wee bit out of it, maybe I'll have more to write about next week! 
Love y'all!!! 

~Sister Bond 

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