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January 12, 2015

Happy New Year from Hesperia! From what I've heard, it sounds like most of y'all had a great Holiday season! 

This week was pretty great! Sister Stagg is a great companion, the first couple weeks in a new companionship are always a little awkward figuring out how each other work, but we get along great and we're both learning from one another! So all is well!! 

A lot of the week was us introducing Sister Stagg to members in the area! Goodness gracious, I really do enjoy serving in this area, the people in this area are just great!! 
   It also snowed this week! Who would've thought that it would snow in Southern California? It went from 115 degree weather to snowy weather. But, it didn't snow a whole lot, but we may or may not have made snow angels outside our apartment. And it may or may not have made my gray skirt very wet.  But it was totally something to write in my journal about! 

Marlee is doing well, I had a mini heart attack though! So here we are, everything is fine and dandy and we see we're getting a call from her Mom, so immediately I start to getting worried, so I answer the phone, and we're talking and her Mom tells us that Marlee can't be baptized on the 31st, so naturally my heart sinks a little bit, but then she told us that it was because she can't get the day off from work, so now Marlee will be baptized on the 24th! So now shes actually going to be baptized a week early!!! Everything turned out to be ok! Blessings from the Lord? I think yes! 

Phil and Tammy are also doing well. We haven't been able to meet with them for a long time, but we've been keeping contact on the phone, so all is well. 

We also had a miracle happen this week! 
So on Thursday every appointment we had canceled, and we get a phone call from some other missionaries saying that there was a family moving into our area that either want to be taught or are being taught, but need some help moving.. So we finish up everything and head on over there, but by the time we got there, they were all done moving.. But us being us, we start talking to Nicole! Apparently she was baptized when she was 8, but she hasn't been back to church since she was in her teens.. But she has a daughter that would be old enough for baptism! So we have a return appointment with her for Tomorrow!! So I'm praying that all goes well!! Heavenly Father is so kind. 

We're also starting to teach a girl named Bethanie, shes been baptized, and just has a rough living environment, we went over to her house, shes only 13, so she lives with her Mom and siblings.. Well, her Mom was nice, but her sister wasn't so nice, long story short when we were done with our lesson, she asked us to leave and ushered us out of the house... But we've arranged to start having lessons at a members house, so we're praying that all goes well! :)  

So with it being a new year, its fun to look back on the past year, which most of it was on my mission, next month I hit my year mark! Crazy! But with that, a few people actually emailed me this week asking me about my struggles and successes as a missionary, so I figured I would share a little bit of that with y'all! But don't you worry, I'm fine and I LOVE being out here! But the life of a missionary goes like this, you wake up at 6:30am, work out for 30 minutes, study for 2 hours, and then go out and don't return home until 9:00 and night, then go to bed at 10:30. 
During the day you're doing your best to represent Jesus Christ, and trying to meet more people and teach people about how the church that Christ established when he was on the earth has been restored to a living prophet today. But of course, people are busy, so people cancel appointments on you, or when you're out trying to talk to people about something you care so deeply about, and something you know has blessed your life, and just want to share that blessing with others, people avoid you, slam doors in your face, or simply tell you you're wrong and don't know anything.. And lots of other stuff that doesn't really matter.. Long story short, the struggle is real! Not to mention you're with a companion 24/7, away from home, and you live such a different way. Things are hard, but something I've learned, and have found great success in is knowing that Christ has gone through every single thing that I've experienced. People call us crazy all the time because of what we go out and do, but the thing is, when you know with all your heart that Christs atonement is so real, and when it means so much to you, you desire SO much to share it with everyone. 
On my mission I haven't had a lot of investigators, or had a lot of success number wise, but I've learned that numbers don't matter. What matters is Jesus Christ. My success comes from knowing that I'm going out everyday and serving him to the best of my ability, I love my Savior so much! Even though you have trials, and feel alone, or whatever the case may be, I testify to each of y'all that Jesus Christ knows you. That No matter what the struggle may be, success comes from Jesus Christ, success comes from knowing I'm a daughter of God, and that I don't have to ever be alone.  I know that Christ has helped me every single day on my mission, and will continue to help me throughout my life. I know that Success comes from Christ, this isn't my work and glory, but it is His. And I'm so thankful to be part of this great work! 

And on that note, I think y'all deserve to hear a funny moment of the week! So the first Sunday of every month, members of the congregation have the opportunity to share their testimony of Jesus Christ, it doesn't matter how old or young you are, everyone has the chance to share what they believe if they feel like sharing! So Yesterday was the first Sunday, so a little boy that is maybe 6 goes up all by himself to share his testimony, which goes like this:
"I'd like to bear my testimony....-long kinda creepy stare into the congregation for at least a minute and a half of just silence, finally he gets a little bit of help- the church is true... -another long dark stare into the congregation- THE SACRIFICE!!!!! ...Amen" 

Well, I sure love all y'all!!! Thank you for all the love and support y'all always send me! I'm so blessed to have so many great people in my life!! 

Love y'all!!! 

Sister Bond 

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