Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17,2015

Goodness gracious, this week went by way too fast!! And again, I don't have any time to email, so it may be a little bit short again... But who knows, I type a lot..
But, a lot of y'all asked how the hike went last week with Maddie and Gabby! And let me just say, it was awesome! I'm super out of shape, but it was way fun. There were about 6 of us, and once we got to the top of the mountain we took pictures and then read from the Book of Mormon. 
   There is something special about nature, and something special about being at the top of a mountain. And being able to read from the scriptures in both? Pretty great! I just love tender mercies like that where things are just good and spiritual :) #Ilovebeingamissionary
As for this week, it was full of meetings! Seriously, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, we were in meetings all day, then Saturday we were on exchanges. It was crazy! But I learned a lot this week! Thank goodness for study journals though because otherwise I wouldn't be able to remember it. 
   I feel like I don't even know what to say because I learned so many things, but something that really stood out to me was in our Tuesday meeting. I learned about faith and fear, and fear is a normal thing, everyone has it, everyone goes through it, but we have been given ways to combat that fear and turn it into faith. 
   One of the ways that was suggested was to replace those fears with happy thoughts, or thankful thoughts, because when you put those happy thoughts into you mind, there will be no room for negativity.  
    In our Wednesday meeting we actually got to drive up the hill to the desert! It was a dream come true! :) I got to see a Joshua tree one more time before I go home, I took plenty of pictures of the dirt that I've missed so much! Everyone around me was super confused as to why I was so happy to see dirt, and honestly I'm not sure, but I really love it, it was like I was home again.. Well mission home. I don't go home home for another 3 weeks! ;) But anyways! It was kinda cool, in our meeting Sister Stagg and I demonstrated a fun way of talking with someone about the Book of Mormon, it was in front of all the missionaries serving in Rancho, and Victorville, I'm pretty sure I could talk in front of a ton of people now and wouldn't freak out. Its actually a lot of fun. 
   But I learned at the meeting more about finding the prepared, and if I'm going to invite others to come unto Christ, I have to come unto Christ in the process. 
Which leads me to my next part of my email!! 
    I am so thankful for Christ, I'm thankful for his patience, and for his love. I'm thankful to have him as my friend. I'm thankful for my Heavenly Father and I know that he loves me, and so many others. I know that he knows whats best for me and for so many others. 
    One of the biggest things I've been able to learn on my mission is just being able to build a strong relationship with Christ, obviously it can still be strengthened, and grow, but as for right now, I know that my testimony of Christ has been strengthened in so many ways! I know that he lives. I think I've said that in everyone of my emails for the past 17, almost 18 months, and why do I say that? Because I know its true! I know that it is, and I know that as I share that, my testimony of it will be even more strengthened. Which is something I strive for everyday. Even when I'm not perfect, I know that I can become better, and that's because of Jesus Christ, and because he lives.

For the funny moment of the week it was basically just kinda a crazy/creepy/weird/awkward/I don't know what to say kinda experience, but I figured it was funny enough I would write about it! So, once upon a time, we were leaving an appointment with a less active, and we were walking to our car and the house we were at is inside a gated community, and is super fancy, and next to the sidewalk are some bushes... Well, as we were walking to our car that was parked in front of the house I see this 20 something year old guy just laying in the bushes with his eyes WIDE open. I legit thought it was a dead body for a second, then I saw his eyes move. They kept going back between me and Sister Stagg, which was kinda creepy, so we got in the car and felt like we should call the family and tell them that there was a guy laying in the bushes in their front yard.. Well, as we do so, we hear some yelling in the phone and find out that it was the daughters ex-boyfriend. Later that night we get a phone call saying that this guy is on parole, and found his way here from LA, and was shooting heroin in their front yard. Needless to say, this guy is now in jail. 
   You meet the craziest people on  your mission! :)
Anyways, life is great! I'm thankful for all the miracles that are around me everyday. I know that they are everywhere, there have been so many times this week that I just felt the love of my Heavenly Father. Going home isn't the most fun thing to do when you love something so much. But I still have three weeks! So its gonna be good!! :)
Love y'all!!! Thanks for being the best people ever! I hope y'all have a great week!
Sister Bond

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