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February 17, 2015

Hey there everyone! So in case you're wondering why I'm emailing today and not yesterday, it's because the library was closed.. BUT we have permission to email today, just not for very long, so this may or may not be a very short email. ANYWAYS!

Life is good. Goodness gracious, life is also crazy! Being a sister training leader is super chaotic!  So a lot of the week was spent trying to help some sisters out, some were sick, and others just needed a little bit more support. But the cool thing is, I get to get to know so many more sisters and really rely so much more on Heavenly Father. It's way cool being able to see God's hand so much more, and being able to serve so many more people.

As for the week, a lot of it was spent trying to introduce Sister Cromwell to people in the area, which is always fun! I'm so blessed to be in such a great area, I'm so happy I stayed here this past transfer.

We were also able to do some service this week, it was basically just yard work, which I enjoyed, it was pretty funny though because since we were out for so long, and only one side of my face was facing the sun, I ended up getting a rad sunburn on only half of my face. It's good to know that even though I've been in California for almost a year, I still have my white girl skin and burn easily.

We also had a meeting for pretty much the entire day on Thursday down the hill at the mission office, and holy pooh nuggets. So this meeting, its called MLC (missionary leadership council) and all the STL's and zone leaders get together with the mission president, his wife, and the assistants to the president, and discuss the needs of the missionaries, the mission, and so forth.
Well, I went to my first MLC and can I just say how awesome it is to receive training's by SO many great missionaries? It's probably the coolest thing ever. I learned so many things, and had my testimony of Jesus Christ strengthened so much.
I love learning so many things!

Time is short, but I want y'all to know how much I love y'all! And how much I know that God is aware of you.
If that's one thing I've learned in my first week of being STL, it's how much God knows each and every single one of us.
Everyday there are miracles, and everyday God is continually blessing us, and that's because he loves us.
He knows how hard it is for us when we go through trials, and he knows how hard life can be, but because he knows how hard these things are, he knows how to help us, and how to help us succeed. I know that God is there for us, and that Christ is there for us, and that they both know how to succor each of us. Nobody is forgotten, and how Christ is the perfect antidote.
  I know that God knows each of our circumstances, and that his hand is outstretched, and that he is there to help us stretch, and to help us learn.

Well y'all, for the funny moment of the week! So Sister Cromwell has a quote wall that she was hanging up on the wall this week, and while she was doing this, she decided to stand on a chair, and see if she could make it fall back gracefully like professional dancers do.. Well, this chair was wooden.. And I bet you can imagine what happened to the chair.. That's right, as it fell to the ground a part of it snapped in half. While the entire time I'm telling her "I don't think that's a good idea.. I don't think you should do it.." Etc. But it just goes to show, that you should always listen to Sister Bond! Just kidding. That was prideful of me. But really. It was hilarious. I love my companion!

Well y'all! I sure love y'all! Hopefully I'll have more time to email next week! I hope y'all are doing well! Keep up the good work!!!

Sister Bond :)

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