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March 2, 2015

Hey there everyone! Yet another crazy week on the mission!!! Life is so good though! It's been such a blessing to be able to serve so many sisters, and to get to know so many more people.

We didn't go on any full exchanges this week, but we went on like 6 mini ones. There was a companionship that was sick, so we were able to help them out with some appointments, honestly I'm pretty sure I've worked more outside my area this week than in my area! #STLlife #mishlife

We had another meeting down the hill all day, so that was very delightful! There are so many things that I'm learning, things are crazy and a wee bit stressful, #myhairisfallingout but I feel like I'm growing, which is a great blessing! Life is great y'all! :)

Other than that, I don't have a lot to report on, We're still working with Nicole and had a super awesome lesson with her this week! Then we had a few other potentials that weren't very interested. But all is well! We're going to find people to teach this week and it's going to be amazing!

Alright, y'all wanna hear a funny story? So, once upon a time life was crazy! Wednesday morning we get a phone call from Sister E. And Sister S. saying that their car is going to be in the shop and needed a ride somewhere, so of course we said that we cool help, so just keep that in mind ad I tell this story.
 The afternoon came and another companionship texted us and asked if they could come over for lunch, we of course said yes and had them  come over, well as soon as they get there, Sister C. basically collapsed to the ground, she was sick with the flu, so we knew that she wasn't going to be able to go out and work, so we put her to bed and then remembered that we needed to go and pick up Sister E. and Sister S. from the car dealership, so Sister Cromwell stayed with Sister C. while Sister W. and I went to go pick up the sisters, well long story short two companionship's needed help covering some appointments, so we did some mini exchanges to help everyone out, Sister C. stayed in bed with another sister so all is well.
So we go about the day, I'm with Sister C's. companion Sister W. and we end up going to all their appointments and needed to go back to their apartment to pick up a book, by this time Sister Cromwell and Sister C. are already back at Sister C's. And Sister W's. apartment where we needed to pick up this book, so we get there and ask how everything is going and how Sister C. is doing. Well, next thing I know Sister Cromwell is letting me know that she locked our keys into our apartment. Yup. Our keys. We were locked out. I then find out that Sister Cromwell called the mission office and they weren't going to be able to give us keys until like 10:30 at night. Which is when we're supposed to be asleep, the next day we were going down to the mission office and so we decided that we would just pick up the spare key when we went down the hill. So that night we ended up spending the night at Sister C's. And Sister W's. Sister Cromwell slept on the floor while I slept on a spare mattress that was on the floor (there was another spare mattress that she could have slept on but didn't so hakunna matatta) and borrowed some of their PJ's and we went to the dollar store to pick up a tooth brush. We didn't want to smell toooooo pad ;) so we slept on the floor, and then got our key the next morning.
The moral of the story is, don't lock your house keys inside. Also, be sure to have a spare toothbrush.  #mylifeiswonderful #stufflikethishappenseveryday

Well y'all something that I learned this week was while we were at MLC down the hill, something that Sister Hobbs said really stuck out to me, and that is "The difference between believing Christ and believing IN Christ is trust"... How we have faith, and we need to put that faith into action and truly trust God, and trust that he will help us.
   Even when things are crazy and things become a roller coaster, I know that God is with us every step of the way. I know that when we truly believe that Christ will help us, and when we take his hand, things will be much smoother. I know that when we take time to slow down and take the time to think of what matters most, we'll be able to see the tender mercies all around us.    Another thing I learned at MLC! President Hobbs was talking about a scripture in the Book of Mormon, it's in 1st Nephi chapter 3:7, which says "And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: Iwill go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he   commandeth 
them"  And a lot of times this scripture is quoted a lot, and often times we forget the meaning of the scripture, when that's when President told us that that's the scripture that carried Christ to the cross. Christ came here to do his Fathers will, he was obedient to his Father, and he was obedient to his Fathers will.
I know that Christ lives, and that he was obedient to his Father and fulfilled his mission, and with that, I want to be obedient, I want to fulfill my mission not only on my mission here in California, but also throughout my life.  I'm so thankful for Jesus Christ, and for his Atonement. I know that his Atonement is real, I know that the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and powerful. I'm so thankful to be out here serving The Lord, and serving Gods children.
     Time is flying by, but I'm thankful for the time that I have to be out here.

And on that note, I sure love y'all, I can't believe I hit my year mark this past week, I can officially say that I've been out a year.
I love y'all! Thank you for all the support and prayers that y'all send! Have a great week!!!
Sister Bond

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