Sunday, August 9, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey there everyone! This week was a little less eventful than last week, but there were still miracles!!!
Miracle number one: So every Wednesday we go to the nearby college campus and set up a booth so young adults can come and ask us questions and we can answer them, its a great finding tool that we've been blessed with. Anyways, last week we met a guy named Robert that said we could teach him, well, this past Wednesday was when we got to teach him! And something that I've learned that I love about teaching, is being able to watch the spirit working through the people we teach, and seeing it touch their heart, its like flipping on a light switch, there is just a whole new light about them. Robert seems pretty solid, he lives in the Elders area, so we'll be passing him off to them, but it was a pretty cool miracle to teach him! He has a few concerns, but I know that the gospel can help him with any question that he has.
Another miracle! So going along with the last one, so during the summer time, the college is normally pretty slow because there aren't as many people, but this last week when we were there, we were so busy talking with people! One lady even felt bad that we were out in the sun and bought us ice cream. But it's always such a blessing when people are actually really nice and we're able to talk with lots of people.
We were also able to teach our other investigators this week, Maddie and Tia! Maddie is still super solid. I just love her, I could seriously just spend the day with her and be best friends or something. We talked to her about baptism, and she said that she wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before she gets baptized, which we of course respect, so now its nice being able to know some of her concerns. I just hope I'm still here when she finishes the Book of Mormon! :) 
    Tia is still just as prepared as ever! Whenever we teach her she just looks at us like "wow, that makes a lot of sense!" And I'm like "Yeah! Of course it does! Its because its true!" Haha, its pretty great. Shes still excited for her baptism, she found out this week though that shes not sure when shes moving, it could be any day, or it could still be in September, so I'm praying that she waits until September, that way I can continue teaching her! Maybe that's a little bit selfish.. But She is just so great! I love seeing her!!!
We were also able to teach a less active in the family ward, Sister Deighan, shes super awesome! We've been teaching her on and off since I've been here, and we went to see her this week and she ended up teaching us this week! She taught us yoga! It was pretty cool, we were just talking about fitness and yoga and stuff and she asked if we could do some with her, so we did it! We stayed in our skirts and everything! Luckily we were biking that day so we were already wearing pants under our skirts, but it was seriously so nice. It was super relaxing and simply perfect. Then we were able to teach her about enjoying everyday and seeing all the miracles heavenly father gives us. It was perfect!

This morning in my studies I came across this scripture and thought I'd share it, it's John 8:12 and it says "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Which lead me to study light, which is something that I've studied before when I was in Hesperia, but I was able to continue with that study, but first ask the question, what does light do? It dispels darkness, it gives comfort, in gives us a bigger vision, it gives hope, and so much more. Christ truly is light. As we turn to him, trust in him, and rely on him, we too can dispel the darkness that is around us. As we do so, we are able to see more light, we're able to see the bigger picture, and we receive more hope. Think about it, what gives you hope in this life? Everything that gives me hope is because of Christ. He is the true source of hope, and light. And I know that as we follow him, and walk in his footsteps we wont have to walk in darkness, because we will be surrounded by light. 
    There is a way to walk as Christ walked, and a way to not only believe in him, but believe him. To not only know of him, but to know him. And that way it to study his words, act upon his words, and live his words. That as we do so, we can develop greater light, and develop Christlike attributes. 
Hope and light are a gift from God, and I know that we can find that hope, as we rely on the light to lead us to it. Which is in Jesus Christ, our Savior and Friend.
As for the funny moment, one upon a time we were at the booth at the college, and while we're there, we give our number out to everyone, really we just do that everyday, and to everyone we meet, everyone has the number of missionaries.. Anyways, so we gave our number out to this one guy, thinking nothing of it, until later that day he texted us, and we soon found out that he thought that we were hitting on him and wanted to date him. We explained our purpose as missionaries, and why gave out our number.. He responded with a text saying that he thought he was special.. I'm pretty sure we crushed his heart. It was really sad.. But somehow it turned into a funny story.
Anyways! I sure love y'all!!! Thanks for all the love and support y'all give me!! 
Have a great week!
Sister Bond

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