Sunday, August 9, 2015

May 26, 2015

Hey there everyone! So since the library was closed yesterday we have an hour to email today, so we don't have much time but I'll try to still make this a good email!! 
This week was crazy busy, but I feel like all weeks are like that now a days. Good thing I love it! 
Time sure is flying by though, I realized this morning that today marks my 15 month mark! Which is slightly depressing to think about how fast that is. But enough of that!
This week!
Monday was kinda the usual, we just had FHE with the YSA ward, so that's always fun, I think I'm starting to remember names, so that's been a blessing!
Tuesday we had interviews with President Hobbs, which was pretty great! I learned that as we're focused, and as we work hard, that everything we do will improve! 
    We also had a lesson with a less active in the YSA ward named Lidia, we normally do our lessons with her at the church, which is also the mission office, and Lidia was running late, so we went to see if there was anything we could do in the office while we waited, when we walk in and see Sister Hobbs! We talked to her for a minute or two and then told her we were going to see Lidia, and she asked if she could come with, which she did! It was great! We taught about the Atonement, and Gods love, and ended up singing I am a Child of God with Lidia. It was awesome! It's moments like these where I'm thankful that I'm a missionary. 
     Later that day we had a lesson with Marleen from the YSA, she's the one that just got Zumba certified, another member from the YSA ended up coming with to the lesson, which was super great! Life is good.
Wednesday  not a lot happened, we taught our Bible class that night. We also biked all day, I don't remember if I told y'all or not, but I'm using one of the mission bikes for when we're working in the family ward, and I forgot how much I loved biking! It's the best. Plus Rancho is a little bit busier than Apple Valley so I think I get twice as many weird looks from biking here than when I biked up there. Its the best.
Thursday we went on Exchanges! So I was in Upland for the day, I learned that being bold with people is a sign of your love. Because you're being honest and letting them know how much you care about them. It was a good day! We had a miracle that day though! So we walked to a former investigators house (which we had never met this man before) and he wasn't home so we left our card on the door, and about two hours later we get a phone call from this man saying that he apologized for not answering the door because he was in the back yard and didn't hear us, then invited us over. Miracle! That had never happened to me before, so it was pretty cool. We went over and we soon learned that this man knows A LOT about plants, more specifically Cactus. He has over a thousand plants in his back yard. It was crazy! But he showed us around and gave us some fruit, and we got a return appointment! It was wonderful! He was a little bit on the crazy side, but he was really nice, so I'm excited to hear about what happens with him.
Friday we did service! YAY! And its the coolest thing. So now, every Friday Sister Vainuku and I go to the community center and teach old people how to use computers! Its a program called cyber seniors, and we just go and teach about how to access facebook, or their email, or simple things like that. Its the cutest thing ever. I taught this old man how to use ebay.. I don't even know how to use ebay!  But we figured it out a little bit, which was a tender mercy, but it was so much fun! We're going to do that every week now.
Saturday we were on exchanges again, and I was in a biking area here in Rancho Cucamonga, and it was with a good friend of mine from my mission, I served with her in Apple Valley, and now again in Rancho, so it was wonderful to spend the day with her. And goodness gracious, I learned so much! Like 1. Singing during lessons is wonderful, I've only sung in a few of the lessons I've taught, but we sang in almost every lesson, it was great! And I also learned 2. To show your love to everyone, it was great being able to see the love this sister had for everyone we met and talked to. 
   We ended up talking to this one man while we were biking for like an hour, everything he talked about for his beliefs we also believe, and it was all found in the Book of Mormon! So they're hopefully going to see him soon. It was an exchange miracle! 
    That night was a little bit eventful though, we went back to their apartment to exchange back and found that the carbon monoxide alarm had been going off. So we had a sleepover at our apartment, we think it was just the batteries, but we all felt light headed when we got a few things out of the apartment. So the moral of the story, check your alarms! We don't want people to die.
Sunday was your average Sunday covering two wards. Lots of meetings, but lots of knowledge. 
I learned at church that as we keep a daily plan it helps us to become more like Christ, because as we plan our day, we're going to plan things that are good. So as we do things that are good, its going to make us want to become better. Cool right? I think I'm always going to keep a daily plan now!
  We also had Tongan food for dinner that night, so that was exciting!
Something that I'm thankful for is how much Heavenly Father loves me, it makes me want to love everyone so much more when I think about how much he loves me. Because I know that his hand is in all things, I know that he loves to bless us, I love looking through out my week and seeing the tender mercies everyday, it doesn't matter how hard a day may seem, but there are tender mercies in every single day. I was looking at one of my old planners a few days ago, and it was from one where I was kinda going through a rough patch, but everyday I write down 3 things that I'm thankful for, and one of the three things were just prayers on the bathroom floor, something so simple, but so meaningful. I've learned so much on my mission, and I've felt the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ so strong. There is no doubt in my mind or in my heart that the Atonement is real, and that God is aware of me. I know that he is, and I strive everyday to become better.   I truly love Jesus Christ, and I know that he loves me.
Well y'all, I'm out of time, but I love y'all!!! Have a great week!!!
Sister Bond

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